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Catching Glimpses of Illumination

My Aussie mate Chris Lianos knows that every year I select a focus word to be my guiding theme and was curious why I hadn’t blogged about it as usual.  I had selected a word – but maybe because o...

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The Practice of Prosperous Thinking

Manifesting abundance and prosperity in your life has a lot to do with mental training.  Coaching, guiding, and directing your conscious mind.  You have to be mindful, practicing self-awareness, so ...

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Your Next Assignment

Lots of talk in the personal development and growth space today about purpose.  Finding your passion.  And living a life of leaning. (more…)...

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Your Inner Dialogue...

In yesterday’s post I said everything in your life depends on how you represent it to yourself — the “inner dialogue” you use with yourself. (more…)...

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Being Inspired versus Being Demoralized

It seems everyone today is looking to get “fired up.”  They want a meditation practice, fire walk, or really catchy meme from Facebook to energize them into action.  And yet they easily become d...

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The Learning Justification

Yesterday we explored how fantasizing about the perfect ideal can prevent you from actually doing the work and creating something.  Now let’s investigate another phenomenon that can preclude you fr...

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Procrastination – and the Ideal of the Perfect Concept

I finally figured it out.  What had been holding me back for months.  And is probably what’s been holding you back…

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Surrounding Yourself with Amazing People…

Yesterday we explored how people live in fantasy states and prevent themselves from creating prosperous relationships around them.  So once you accept reality – how do you attract people around you...

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