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Why You Have to Forgive Yourself

You can read this post today, only because back when I was a 15-year-old on trial for armed robbery, there was a public defender and a judge, who believed I was worthy of redemption.  I’d like to b...

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Building Up Your Self-Worth (Self-Esteem) 

Last post we explored the suppressors, the things that cause you to doubt or diminish your self-worth.  And I told you that self-worth can never come from things outside of yourself.  Self-worth com...

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Things that Destroy Your Self-Worth

Last post we looked at how people can punish or self-sabotage themselves because they have worthiness issues.  Their self-worth is so low that they consciously or subconsciously, don’t believe they...

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Fighting Depression and Narcissism

Many of the most devoted religious people I know are actually quite narcissistic.  Their magnanimous pursuit of peace, love and harmony seems noble enough, but it’s actually because they are so sel...

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The Person Who Needs You…

You have someone who desperately needs your support right now.  You know it.  But you’re busy…  (more…)...

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Raising Kids with High Self-Esteem

A Special Message to Parents…

We’ve spent the last week or so exploring ways to build healthier self-esteem.  Now I’d like to continue the series with a special message to parents.  Because...

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Game Plan to Jump Start Your Self-Esteem

Last post we explored some of the ways to protect your self-esteem.  Now let me offer you a 30- or 60-day game plan to jump start it to a better level.  The plan includes looking at negative program...

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Stop Trying the Save the World

Do you find that you are continuously “rescuing” the people around you from adverse consequences? Does it seem you’re lurching from crisis to crisis?  Are you always having to be the superhero ...

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