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Accepting Yourself

(Friday Filosophy 12/02/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Filosophy, coming to you this week from Bogota, Colombia where I’m conducting a training event. ...

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9 Prosperity Actions to Take Every Day

Success isn’t created in a microwave, but a slow cooker crock pot.  And the ingredients are your daily actions.  Here are nine that you can take every day to manifest a prosperous life.  (I also ...

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Stop Flogging Yourself

(Monday Mojo 11/28/22)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

There is no need to re-apply for the "beat yourself up" job. That position has already been filled.

However, there is...

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Stop Volunteering for Victimhood!

(Friday Filosophy 11/18/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Filosophy.  Since I added this element to the newsletter, this is the 200th Friday installment! So...

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How Much Prosperity Do You Believe You Deserve?

If you understood how much actual influence your subconscious programming has on your ability to manifest health, happiness, and prosperity – you would probably be astounded.  You would probably do...

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Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone (Friday Filosophy 6/24/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

It’s time again for my weekly chat with you with the subject that I’m thinking about – and believe you might want to think about as well.  Today that subject is coas...

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Are You Insulting the Force that Created You?

There may be no better metric to measure your potential for success than how you view the challenges, obstacles, and setbacks that life throws at you.  And taking it the final step, how you resp...

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The Shocking Truth of Imposter Syndrome

Let’s get this out of the way up front: If you don’t ever feel like an imposter, then you really are an imposter.


Because any true thought leader, agent of change, or someone att...

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