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Be Strong

Yesterday, on Patriots Day, the Boston Marathon turned to tragedy.  An event that brings people from all over the world together, turned into a catastrophe.   At the time I’m writing this, we don...

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Being Great

You can get the job done.  You can meet the criteria.  You can honor the commitment.  Or you can be great. (more…)...

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I’m about to do something crazy, wild, and unprecedented for someone in my position.  (I can’t tell you the specifics yet, but will soon.)   It’s the next chapter of my life.  But it comes b...

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The Success Habit

No one wins the Super Bowl on just a Sunday, climbs a mountain in one trek, or becomes a billionaire by taking a company public in a day. (more…)...

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Your First Mastermind

Napoleon Hill is probably best known for advocating the power of the Mastermind.  I’m a member of an informal Mastermind group with some bright friends, and another formal Mastermind group with som...

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Epic Takes Work

Robin Sharma calls it “the 5 am club.”  I saw the Rock tweeted this morning, “Nothin' more honest than sweat..”  What they’re talking about is the price you pay for success. (more…)...

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Lying to Yourself

Want to get really uncomfortable?  Well, let’s do it anyway.  🙂  Last post we talked about discovering people’s true intentions by their actions, instead of their words. (more…)...

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When the Magic Comes

When I’m in the batting cage, I know when my swing is in the sweet spot.  When I’m writing a blog post or book chapter, I can tell when something else takes over and what I’m typing through my ...

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