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The Questions that Matter…

What’s better, to be rich or famous?  It’s a fun question to ponder.  As a guy who has achieve some measure of both fame and wealth, I can testify without a doubt that…this is a very foolish q...

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A Feast for Thought…

At the end of every workweek I email the readers of my Gage on Prosperity newsletter.  (If you’re not a subscriber and you’re not a godless Communist who drowns kittens, you can sign up about hal...

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Risk Taking and Embracing the Unknown

We all have routines, places and people that make us comfortable.  There’s definitely something to be said for that.  Then there is also something to be said for new, unusual, even unsettling.


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The Evolution of You

When he was writing East of Eden, John Steinbeck wrote an ongoing series of letters to his editor each day before he worked on the manuscript.  In the beginning he suggested that there was only one b...

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Dancing with Uncertainty

When I wrote Risky Is the New Safe, it spoke to many people on an emotional level.  They really connected with the concept that not taking chances was actually quite risky, and that being willing to ...

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Clickbait, Sleazy Marketing, and Fake News

Marketing is continually changing. (I couldn’t bring myself to use the word “evolving,” because I’m not sure if that is really true.)  And certainly websites and mobile are driving a lot of t...

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Asking the Right Questions

Last post we explored the five biggest “game changers” we will face in these next ten years. And I told you to manifest prosperity in the new realty, you’ll need to ask the right questions. Bett...

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The Biggest Game Changers

Hello from Cairo! I’m here to conduct an event, but want to continue the discussion we started in Prague, about how you can prepare for the most tumultuous, cataclysmic decade in human history. We...

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