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Money Obsession

Funny how sometimes the perception of something can be the diametric opposite of reality.  And when situations like that arise, you can be sure that there will be disastrous consequences for tho...

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How Much is Enough?

“So how much is enough, anyway?”  Depending on who is asking the question and the context they’re asking it, that question either is:

A brilliant inquiry that takes us deep into a well-q...

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Blowing Up Bad Beliefs about Money & Success

Hopefully by now you realize that the majority of all the programming you’re receiving daily is designed to keep you ignorant, sick, needy, victimized, lonely, and/or broke.  The key to creating a ...

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Why You Love to Hate Rich People

Audience members in my seminars gasp when I tell them that the movie Titanic is the most malevolent film ever made.  The movie is a favorite to many, and they believe they were emotionally touched b...

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Why You Love Things that Hurt You

My phone blew up yesterday.  Even people I hadn’t heard from in months were texting to share with me how gobsmacked they were reading yesterday’s post about the levels of insidious programming th...

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The Perception of Evil, Greedy Rich People

I got a DM from a friend after I made the Friday post.  She mentioned the visceral reaction she had with the pic I used for that blog.  I told her that I had intentionally selected that one because ...

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Taking Money from Bad Rich People

Quite a lively and spirited discussion happening on the posts this week.  And that isn’t even counting all the death threats and insults I’m getting through social media, emails and DMs.  (Just ...

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Why You Love to Hate Rich People

So in yesterday’s post, we explored some of the most prevalent mind viruses about money and success.  And I shared how I can predict the success or failure of pop culture entertainment, by how many...

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