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Your “Sacred Circle” Determines Your Prosperity

How much do you think your spouse or life partner impacts the level of prosperity you manifest in life?  What about your best friend, co-workers, or softball team?  If you didn’t answer, ...

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Relationship Philosophy for Prosperity

If you came up with an idea for a brilliant start-up venture that could become worth billions, and then told your friends and family about it, how do you think they would react?  The answer to t...

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The Friends You Lose…

Twenty years ago, I had dozens of friends.  Or what I thought were friends at that stage in my life.  In reality, none of those people were ones I could count on, or really become close with.  Kind...

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Celebrating Sex and Sexuality

This is a series of posts studying the six most important categories of core beliefs in terms of the self-esteem you develop and how happy and successful you ultimately become.  So far, we have looke...

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Toxic Relationships Come from Toxic Beliefs

We’re digging deeper into your core foundational beliefs about the world around us and how you fit into it.   I gave you a list of six categories that are the most influential in terms of the self...

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The Brainwashing of Self-Sabotage

Since you were a toddler you have faced overwhelming forces determined to brainwash you, hold you down, destroy your self-esteem, manipulate you into buying shit you don’t need, consuming toxic subs...

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The True Meaning of Prosperity

This is the final installment in our series about money, wealth, status, and prosperity – and the many misconceptions about them.  Last time we looked at wealth, so today let’s investigate what t...

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Changing the People Around You

Sometimes the thing standing between you and prosperity is the people around you.  Sometimes you need to change them…

Of course that’s loaded language, because there are two ways of changing t...

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