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Tag: prosperity mindset

Message from a Bucktoothed Kid

[I posted this on my Instagram feed yesterday.  I received so many touching and heartfelt responses on the way it spoke to so many people, that I decided to reprint it for you here.  Minus the abbre...

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Achieving Your Goals

Last post we discussed the role your vision has in creating the kind of life you live.  I told you that the next part of the process requires you to unpack your vision into goals that are believable,...

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The Path of Self Mastery

Last post we looked at Self-Mastery, the confidence that comes from it, and the effect that has on those around you.  When you possess Self-Mastery, you almost create a self-fulfilling sequence of su...

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Prosperity and Human Dignity

This is part four of a wide ranging series, exploring things like hate speech, politics and satirical humor – and how an enlightened society can deal with them from prosperity consciousness.  And a...

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Dream Big, Act Deliberately

One of the most frightening things I witness is the alarming number of people who are waiting for a sign, to start living their lives.

They expect some event to happen, to alert them it’s time to...

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Change Your Story!

I spent my 16th birthday in jail, while I was awaiting trial for armed robbery.  One day there was the sound of jangling keys and I looked up to find the guard letting a visitor into my cell.  His n...

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Your Greatest Adversary 

Retailers want to sell you a bunch of stupid shit you don’t need.  Credit card companies want to charge you interest rates that would make the Mafia blush.  Governments want you to be an indenture...

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Letting Go of the Past

We’ve been talking about the vacuum principle of prosperity this week. Please allow me to suggest another area to apply this. Your past.  (more…)...

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