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Tag: prosperity coaching

How You Get a Competitive Advantage

Championships are never won on the pitch.  They’re won at practice.

Whether I’m competing on the softball field, against another author to crack the New York Times bestseller list, or a compan...

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Creating Meaning in Your Life

There are so many seekers in the world today.  They’re desperately looking for meaning in their lives.  They join gangs and cults, religions and causes, desperate to find something that makes them...

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The Search for Wisdom

No matter what you may be wondering about, there is someone who is eagerly waiting to tell you what to think. (more…)...

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What Is Really Holding You Back?

Ask most people what’s holding them back, and they can commonly give you a long list. Unfortunately, the list is usually wrong. Because typically, it has a lot of external factors: outside people an...

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Be Yourself

We like to think that society – our work, position, family or some other external factor, holds us back from manifesting our true success. (more…)...

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Lots of talk in the world today about curbing desires, moderating them, or even denying them. Many would tell you that the secret to happiness is reducing your desires to the situation you are current...

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I'll Be Back...

Remember those words from The Terminator franchise.  Delighted to tell you, I’m uttering them now.


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The Timing of Success

We often talk about the difference between management and leadership. So how about if you take it one level higher and stop trying to manage your time and start leading it? (more…)...

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