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The Timing of Success

We often talk about the difference between management and leadership. So how about if you take it one level higher and stop trying to manage your time and start leading it? (more…)...

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Protecting the Kids

Hard to believe I’m writing another post about an abusive professional athlete, but if you believe in living by the principles of prosperity, there are more serious issues to be talked about here. N...

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The Real Lessons from Ray Rice

Every situation, no matter how negative or horrific, offers us learning lessons and teachable moments. The latest scandal about the Ray Rice elevator video is a case in point.


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Be Charitable

Someone posts an ice bucket challenge video on their Facebook page to raise funds and awareness to fight ALS and you rebuke them because water is precious in Africa, question whether they spent two do...

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Stop Playing Safe…

You see a competitor has a strong market share, so you decide to just cede the space to them. (more…)...

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Real Leadership

A non-profit organization I’m a member of recently launched a new initiative. They faced some initial resistance, and immediately crumpled like a cheap suit. I guess they thought the changes they ...

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The Power of Your Packaging

In my last condo, they had a security guard who was a woman, about five feet tall who weighed about 300 pounds. Obviously her health situation made it difficult to get out of a chair, and she would h...

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Would They Burn Your Jersey?

So you have customers, even fans. You have a tribe of devotees who appreciate your work and follow you. But how much passion are you really creating?

The recent mania over where basketball supers...

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