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The Prosperity Rite of Passage

It’s no sin to be born poor.  However, it’s certainly a sin to stay poor.  This isn’t said to be smug or judgmental, but to reflect one of the most insidious aspects of both poverty and povert...

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You’re Surrounded by Prosperity

Primitive civilizations thought the sun deserted them every night, and the moon disappeared every morning.  It never occurred to them that the planet they were on was orbiting the sun and turning aw...

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Poverty Is an Illusion

In every era of history (arguably each generation), humankind has thought of itself as at a historic turning point.  Since we have evolved steadily over the centuries, in some sense this belief ...

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Kill Your Poverty Consciousness

How You Build Wealth, Part 3 of 2 🤣

You didn’t really think I was going to be content with publishing part one and part two in the How You Build Wealth series, and not dig into the 800-p...

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Poverty is a Sin!

Someone you know is a professional victim.  (Hopefully it’s not you.)  Maybe you know a few.  Professional victims have drama and trauma “happen” to them constantly.  The hu...

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Creating a More Prosperous World…

You’re probably proud of what you’ve accomplished in life.  I am too.  I worked hard for what I’ve got and still work my ass off every day.  I don’t live in entitlement but try...

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Bad Beliefs About Money and Poverty

The moment that Lancy licked my face – my world was changed forever... 

Lancy is a puppy, and that moment took place in an airline lounge in San Francisco.  If that doesn’t really se...

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Living in Lack is a Crime Against Humanity

Some people think I’m crazy when I suggest that when we are unhealthy, unhappy, or poor, it is an aberration from our natural state.  But I truly believe this.  When we’re living in lac...

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