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Becoming a Co-Creator in Your Life

There certainly are a lot of external factors that can derail your journey toward success.  There are things outside your control that can slow you down, send you on a long detour, or even stop y...

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The Person Always at the Scene of the Crime…

I want to build on the last post and the new podcast coming out today, going deeper on the subject of taking responsibility for your own prosperity – health, happiness and success.  In the post I e...

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Co-Creating Your Own Prosperity

What do the following statements all have in common?

It was going great until the recession hit…
Then the divorce happened, and I lost…
I knew it wouldn’t work. But my partner wanted...

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Knowing When to Quit

Great discussion going on the last post about how to determine when something that isn't working is a test to determine is you are serious and committed about achieving it – or a signal from the uni...

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The Biggest Breakthrough

You know when my biggest prosperity, relationship, health and happiness breakthrough came?  When I asked myself the fateful question… (more…)...

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Who You Gonna Blame It On?

I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant with Tommy and Lauren when the subject of investments came up.  “It was all a conspiracy, you know,” Tommy exclaimed.  “I saw a show about it on televisio...

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