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“Friday Filosophy” 5/20/2022 (Seeking Personal Growth)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

(Note: By request, we're posting my "Friday Filosophy" email newsletter here on the blog each week.)

It’s time again for my weekly chat with you with the subject that ...

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How to Deal with a Professional Victim

She came up on me like a Cat-5 hurricane.  Within ten minutes of meeting, she had regaled me with at least four different tragedies from her past.  The drama and trauma were palpable. By the time sh...

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Is Your Thinking Evolving?

People often ask why I’ve written so many books.  There are a number of reasons, not the least among them is cleaning up earlier books…

In 1996 I wrote my first book, How to Build a Multi-Leve...

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My Best Wealth-Building and Prosperity Advice…

How many times have you heard a motivational speaker or author speak that weary old line about how much money you would save a year if you brewed your own coffee and didn’t buy one from a coffeeshop...

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Catching Glimpses of Illumination

My Aussie mate Chris Lianos knows that every year I select a focus word to be my guiding theme and was curious why I hadn’t blogged about it as usual.  I had selected a word – but maybe because o...

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Evolution is the Revolution

We like to think that we snap our fingers, or change our belief about something, our lives will be miraculously transformed in an instant.  (Or while watching The Secret.) And while momentous change...

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The Person Always at the Scene of the Crime…

I want to build on the last post and the new podcast coming out today, going deeper on the subject of taking responsibility for your own prosperity – health, happiness and success.  In the post I e...

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The Question to Ask Yourself

Most people spend their life searching for answers.  But I find that searching for better questions produces much better results.  The only caveat is that if you ask the wrong question, the answer i...

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