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What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?

One of the wisest things economist Milton Friedman ever taught was that only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change.  It is times of crisis that cause our preconceived beliefs and ...

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Calling All Prosperity Warriors…

The problem is real: we’re in a global pandemic. There is no denying this reality.  Things look dark, and you could be forgiven for feeling anxious, frightened, or even defeated.  But please don...

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Finding Peace in a Pandemic…

How do you keep your head when it seems the whole world around you is going crazy?  That’s probably a question many of you have been asking yourselves the last few weeks. In times like these, a gre...

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Stay Safe During the Corona Virus Pandemic

[Editor's Note:  Below is a copy of my "Friday Filosophy" newsletter.  Normally it goes exclusively to my subscribers, but since the information this week could be helpful to so many others, I’m r...

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