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Inspiration Hacks to Fuel Your Creative Genius

We all need to set aside time to recharge and renew our internal inspiration.  Here’s a fun little diversion from the grind for you.  These are some recent things I saw that energized me, so I wan...

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Find Your Inspiration

(Monday Mojo 10/24/22)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

As you start your week, you probably have at least a few people who look to you for inspiration.  If you’re a teacher...

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The Mystery of Getting Motivated

A couple weeks ago I raised the subject of inspiration with the readers of my “Gage on Prosperity” newsletter.  More specifically, the role inspiration plays in motivation.  Inspiration is a ve...

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Motivation to Change

In the last post we discussed the role of suffering and how we can use it to transform our lives.  Like you, I don’t enjoy getting challenges, obstacles and failures when I am trying to accomplish ...

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Motivating Yourself

Let’s build on the last post about how being mindful of your thoughts and where you direct your attention can increase your motivation.  (more…)...

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Using Deadlines to Motivate Yourself

How can you accomplish something that seems really daunting to you?  How do you harness the motivation to tackle the difficult things?


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How to Create Your Dream Life!

Message from RG:  I’m lounging under a palm tree on a much-needed vacation for a few weeks.  So to fill your insatiable need for brilliant and helpful self-development info each morning, I’ve as...

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Secrets of Motivation

Because I’m a professional speaker and I talk about success, people usually position me as a motivational speaker.  As a result, I often get asked about the secrets of motivation.  Here’s what m...

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