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Get the Money Thing Out of the Way!

(Friday Filosophy 11/25/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Filosophy.  Each week I challenge you with a question, topic, or idea you may want to think about....

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Chasing Down Money Ideas

(Friday Filosophy 11/04/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to your weekly postcard where I challenge you to reflect on something important for manifesting a healthy, happy, and prosperous...

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How Are You Building Wealth?

(Friday Filosophy 10/28/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

If someone offered you a solid business opportunity that could transform you into a multi-millionaire within five or ten years, could you com...

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The Power of a Dream

(Monday Mojo 8/29/22)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

This note comes to you from Dallas where I’m continuing my legendary (in my own mind at least) softball career, attempt...

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What Are Your Emotions Around Money?

(Friday Filosophy 8/12/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Each week I challenge you to think about a certain topic.  This week that topic is your emotions (your relationship really) toward money and ...

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Losing My Religion for Bitcoin

[Editor’s Note: For the sake of transparency, before you read or re-read this post – you should know that on November 19, 2022, I sold all cryptocurrencies in my portfolio, and am no longer confid...

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WARNING: Opportunity Alert

Debatable: What the long-term effects of lockdowns and quarantines will be. The role of government in relief programs.  What percentage of the trillions of dollars spent in assistance programs was wa...

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My Best Wealth-Building and Prosperity Advice…

How many times have you heard a motivational speaker or author speak that weary old line about how much money you would save a year if you brewed your own coffee and didn’t buy one from a coffeeshop...

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