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Mental Aerobics 9/25

Last post we discussed ways to stimulate your creativity.  To continue that topic, here’s a fun challenge to exercise your brain a little.  Each of the following three sentences has a country name...

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Exercising Your Brain

It’s been a while since we’ve done a mental aerobics. So let’s see just how well rounded your knowledge of the world is.  Take the test below on a variety of different topics and see how many c...

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Mental Aerobics Again

I’m leaving Barcelona where I had a wonderful event over the weekend and got to be here for the World Cup final with Spain last night.  I’m staying right by Las Ramblas, so I am savoring the mome...

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Memorial Weekend Mental Aerobics...

Tonight begins the Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S.  I’m on my way to a softball tournament in Minneapolis with the team, so figured this was a good time for another mental aerobics.  This is...

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Fighting Mediocrity

I told you in the last post that the biggest danger you face isn’t negative people, but the neutral ones.  Like most things in life the biggest evil isn’t some intentionally malicious force – b...

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Mental Aerobics Answers

I told you that this is a fun one.  I might have neglected to mention that it can also drive you insane!  Your challenge was to study these 15 uncommon letter sequences and see how many English word...

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Mental Aerobics 7/03/09

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate our independence here in the States, so it’s a leisurely holiday weekend.  I’m in Atlanta playing in a softball tournament.  But before I head to the fields, her...

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Mental Aerobics…

Ok it’s a lazy Saturday and I’m not feeling very prolific.  So instead of a usual post let me give you another brainteaser to get your neuro pathways open.  Here’s your challenge: (more&hellip...

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