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Blueprint for Living a Prosperous Life

I just finished my Prosperity Livestream on How to Live Better than a Narcotrafficker.  (If you missed it, the replays are now up. You can listen or watch.) Obviously, I had some fun with the title...

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Making Your Life Matter…

You think you have your life figured out until someone puts a bullet in your gut.  Not that I’m recommending the process, but it certainly worked for me.

Lying in the street in a pool of bl...

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The Meaning Behind the Moments…

It seems like most of the world is suffering from a new debilitating malady: Netflix-Hulu-Disney+ Disease.  The cause of this disease is a fundamental belief that the meaning of your life is to ...

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Why You Do What You Do

I used to think I wanted to write books to be famous.  Then I used to think I wanted to write songs that made the whole world sing.  Next I thought I wanted to write movies that won me Oscars.  Or ...

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Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your Life

We’ve spent the week looking at three possible paths to a life of meaning:

Submerging oneself in a cause or group
Pursuit of meaning


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The Avoidance Path

We’re doing a series of posts on the search for purpose and meaning, and what makes us get out of bed in the morning.  Last post we looked at possible passageway number one, joining gangs, religion...

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Searching for Meaning...

Someone inserted a piece of glass in a metal tube, turned it towards the stars, and saw a panorama that no one on earth had ever seen before.  This was a demonstration of vision in both senses of the...

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Purpose and Meaning in Life

I get a lot of questions from you guys about discovering your assignment, finding your purpose, and the meaning of it all.  All fascinating and intriguing questions, worthy of serious critical thinki...

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