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27 Lessons for Living a Rich Life…

(A Letter to My Younger Self...)

Do you remember your childhood as a time of joy, curiosity, and love?  Hopefully you do, but I sure don’t.  As an effeminate boy with social anxiety is...

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Beware of the Soul Crushers

One of my dear friends called me for advice on how to handle her mother who was dying of cancer.  My advice was simple: Let her die. (more…)...

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Threats to Healthy Self-Esteem

Last post we looked at how you might be creating extra challenges for yourself because of underlying worthiness issues.  And I told you that you have to get to the core issue: loving yourself and hav...

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Know Your Enemy

For the last five posts we’ve studied negative and limiting beliefs that can cause you to self-sabotage your own success.  Most people are brainwashed with subconscious beliefs that hold them back,...

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The Prosperity in Pain

In the last post, we looked at some of the very limiting or even harmful things we impose upon ourselves.  But not everything we impose on ourselves is bad. Some of them can be helpful in your growth...

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The Clues of Victimhood…

In yesterday’s post we looked at people who become attached to the role of perpetual victim.  You can easily recognize them by the clues they give you. (more…)...

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Why You Sabotage

No one likes to believe that suffering is the result of their own mental chaos or that they could be sabotaging their own success.   It’s a lot easier to believe we are random, innocent victims. ...

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