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Health Philosophy for Prosperity

How do you…you know…actually manifest prosperity?  There’s so many conflicting theories and a lot of just batshit crazy beliefs about the subject.  If you’re just jumping on board, ...

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Could You Do 3 Chin-ups to Save Your Life?

If everyone on earth had to do three chin-ups to save their lives tomorrow – it would be an extinction level event.

If that doesn’t frighten you, it should.  And if you’re one of the 97 perc...

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The Brainwashing of Self-Sabotage

Since you were a toddler you have faced overwhelming forces determined to brainwash you, hold you down, destroy your self-esteem, manipulate you into buying shit you don’t need, consuming toxic subs...

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The True Meaning of Prosperity

This is the final installment in our series about money, wealth, status, and prosperity – and the many misconceptions about them.  Last time we looked at wealth, so today let’s investigate what t...

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Look for the Miracle

One of the most irritating customs of the human species is our tendency to fall into pity parties at every opportunity.  Take me for instance… (more…)...

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Taking Care of Your Body

I bet you wash your car, keep your house painted nice, and take good care of your cell phone.   But here’s the interesting question…  Do you take as good of care of your body as you do your cel...

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Simple Pleasures of Prosperity

Funny how when you mention prosperity, people first usually think of things like Rolls Royce automobiles, money, and mansions. And certainly, money and material things are an integral part of prosperi...

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The “Daily” Part of Reaching Success

Last post I was writing about habits.  Because I believe they are the foundation element of accomplishing anything of lasting value. (more…)...

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