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Tag: goals

Prosperity is Your Assignment

Once you begin doing the work you are truly meant to do, the universe will reward you with prosperity. You're in harmony with your nature and attract more harmony in your affairs.  This is the w...

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Living in Lack is a Crime Against Humanity

Some people think I’m crazy when I suggest that when we are unhealthy, unhappy, or poor, it is an aberration from our natural state.  But I truly believe this.  When we’re living in lac...

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Why You Don’t Always Get What You Ask For…

Your broke loser friends may be broke losers, but at least they’re your broke losers, and you will defend them to the death.  The death of your success anyway... 

If you have surrounde...

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Escaping Mediocrity

Last post we talked about becoming a co-creator in your life.  Let's go deeper.  When is the last time you attempted something really great?  Something so bold, daring, and imaginative ...

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Take Back Your Dreams!

We’ve been talking about how you reboot your mental software so you can make a clean break from limiting behaviors of the past.  There are three actions you have to take, to successfully complete t...

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Starting Your Reboot

Last post I told you that the nexus of the issue for reinventing yourself is the vision you create for your life.  This vision is the intention for what “the new you” is going to look, feel, and ...

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What Kind of Vision Do You Possess? 

Last post I told you that there are some beliefs, habits, and even people, that no longer belong in your life.  Once you realize and recognize that, you can finally give yourself permission to move t...

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Transforming Your Life…

Last post I shared my story of having life collapse around me, and deciding to kill off the old me, to create a new and better version.  (And regular readers here will know that was the second time I...

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