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The Prosperity Rite of Passage

It’s no sin to be born poor.  However, it’s certainly a sin to stay poor.  This isn’t said to be smug or judgmental, but to reflect one of the most insidious aspects of both poverty and povert...

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Be Weird…

It probably took place about 15 years ago.  It was the Grand Ballroom in the Sheraton on the Park, in Sydney, Australia.  There were about 900 cheering, positive people in the crowd.  I had just fi...

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Are You Winning the Moron Olympics?

It may sound simplistic, but I honestly believe your health, happiness, and prosperity in life is determined by what societal games you choose to play.  Whether you want to buy a new car, earn a coll...

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Your Test from the Universe

It’s my favorite week of the year, the time between Christmas and New Year’s, when most of the western world unplugs and shuts down.  The texts, emails, and other distractions minimize, and the w...

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What If...

What if J.K. Rowling had chucked Harry Potter into the trash after those first 12 publishers rejected it?

What if Prince called off that Super Bowl halftime show because it was raining?

What if...

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Make Your Dream as Big as You Are

No one who achieved a breakthrough accomplishment did so by holding tiny, incremental dreams, the kind many people label “sensible.”  If you desire to do something remarkable, you need bold,...

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Are You Denting the Universe?

If you study the work and career of Steve Jobs, his underling philosophy comes through very clearly.  He believed we were here to put a dent in the universe.  While I was writing my book Risky Is t...

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Escaping Mediocrity

Last post we talked about becoming a co-creator in your life.  Let's go deeper.  When is the last time you attempted something really great?  Something so bold, daring, and imaginative ...

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