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Nurture Your Desires and Dreams

Last post we explored Divine Discontent and I suggested that true prosperity is evolving into the highest possible version of yourself.   And a huge part of that begins with a desire for more, and n...

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Dream Big, Act Deliberately

One of the most frightening things I witness is the alarming number of people who are waiting for a sign, to start living their lives.

They expect some event to happen, to alert them it’s time to...

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Dream Big and Dare to Be Different

A lot of you resonated with the affirmation I spoke about in the last post.  Let me share another one with you.
Dream Big and Dare to Be Different
So many people today are doing the opposite.  The...

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Believing in a Dream

Want to hear the best motivational story you’ll ever hear from a non-motivational speaker?  It comes courtesy of my friend Matt Kramer.  Matt isn’t a motivational speaker.  He’s a rock star....

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Chasing Your Dreams

Don’t you love it when you finally get the guts to take a risk, really go after your dreams, and one of your well-meaning friends or family jumps in to save you? (more…)...

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Are You a Spectator or Player?

This week are the playoffs for the Stanley Cup in hockey, and the NBA championship.  The talk, online chatter, and TV ratings demonstrate once again how sports obsessed people are.  It’s amazing h...

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The Doubt Channel versus the Dream Channel

Eleanor Roosevelt suggested that the future would belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.   She’s got my vote.

Accomplishing something really special, extremely difficult, an...

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Sacrificing for Your Dreams

Everyone today seems to be looking for shortcuts, “hacks,” and other ways to achieve their goals or dreams with the minimum amount of effort.  And there’s certainly something to be said for doi...

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