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“Friday Filosophy” 5/27/2022 (Learning How to Think)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

It’s time again for my weekly chat with you with the subject that I’m thinking about – and believe you might want to think about as well. (And as you can see, today a...

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Seeking Self-Discovery

You’ve probably often read about the millions of little, automatic things your brain does every day, without you ever thinking about or even being aware of. Very true.  But you know what else is as...

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Prayer, Meditation, and Manifestation

Thoughts are things.  Maybe not in the same sense as paper clips, cell phones and jumbo shrimp are things – but in the way that nuclear fusion, kinetic energy, and centrifugal force are things. 

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Making Sense of a Confusing, Upside Down, Scary, Batshit Crazy, Constantly Changing World…

When I was growing up there was a British play titled, Stop the World – I Want to Get Off.  It became a smash hit on the West End and Broadway. The title alone was probably a huge catalyst to ...

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Think for Yourself…

Imagine you were a screenwriter and you went to a Hollywood studio to pitch your movie idea about a coronavirus pandemic that threatens the world.  You wouldn’t be able to sell the concept. Because...

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The People Like You…

Got a very enthusiastic response to this week’s Friday Filosophy newsletter about the need for individualism today.  In it, I highlighted the failures of our institutions – the failsafe, backups ...

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Finding People You Can Trust

Last post I said you need someone in your life who knows you personally and can be there for you in moments of doubt, fear, or weakness.  It’s important that they are someone who cares for you, wan...

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Ask Better Questions

Every week, President Trump tells at least one lie, which is so outrageous, no rational person could believe it.  Yet his base accepts it as gospel.  How does he do that?  He gets them to ask the w...

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