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Finding Power in the Pain…

It’s been a sad, depressing week for me.  To remain positive, productive and in prosperity consciousness, I’ve created a “force field” around myself to filter out negative beliefs, haters, t...

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Your Last Goodbye…

Recently I said my last goodbye to someone I love.  She’s not gone yet, but it was the last chance to see her before the cancer takes her away.  The time spent with her, the rest of my family, an...

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The Role of Suffering

[Editor Note: By 9 am today I received enough DMs about this week's "Friday "Filosophy" newsletter that I knew it should be shared with you all. So by numerous requests, I am reprinting it in its en...

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Is There Life After Death?

We set another record for downloads on the Power Prosperity Podcast last week.  A big reason was the special episode I put out on Saturday.  Since it got such a huge response, let’s continue the d...

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Is It Prosperous to Feel Sad or Grieve?

Interesting phenomenon I have noticed.  Many enlightened people subscribe to the “positive mental attitude” school of thought about having prosperity consciousness.  Great, nothing wrong with th...

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Staring Down Death

He was holding the gun at my abdomen, when he finally pulled the trigger.  The shot was loud enough to stun me, hurt my ears, and echo off the building across the street.  I clutched at my gut while...

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Living Without Regrets


Those who believe they have plenty of time get ready only at the time of death.  Then they are ravaged with regret.  But isn’t it far too late?  (more…)...

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The Joy of Death

Okay don’t let the title fool you.  I’m in no particular hurry to experience death.  But I don’t spend my days fearing it either.  I accept it as a part of living, and I have lived an amazing...

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