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How to Fly Your Creativity Freak Flag!

Okay two days ago, we took your Creativity IQ.  Yesterday we looked at how the education system is programming kids to be poor.  We looked at the link between creativity and success.  Now let’s l...

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How School Trained You to Be Broke

Bob Dylan says the purpose of art is to stop time.  Couldn’t agree more.  That’s why you can sit through a three-hour opera and it seems like moments.  When I’m in the zone writing, all of a ...

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What Is Your Creative IQ?

Thanks for all the comments on the last post about how you feed your creative genius.  I promised to reveal some of mine… (more…)...

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Creativity for Success

While changing planes at Charles de Gaulle airport, we had to board a bus to take us to the terminal.  It pulled up to the building, everyone got off and stopped in front of an automatic door.  Whic...

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The Power of Ideas for Prosperity

I remember a quote from Einstein to the effect that he could find 95 percent of what you know in a $2 almanac.  What he treasured were people who could actually think. (more…)...

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Thinking about Thinking

So what helps you think better?  For me it’s three things.   (more…)...

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Stimulating Your Creativity

On Monday’s post I mentioned how I use trips to Key West to stimulate my creativity.  You guys came up with some other great ideas for creative stimulation.  Here are some other suggestions for wh...

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Creativity for Prosperity

We’re looking again at the fascinating subject of harnessing creativity.  I mentioned the Internet in yesterday’s post. What brought that to mind was a conversation I had after a softball game. ...

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