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Tag: coronavirus

COVID-19 Recovery Tips

Regular readers will know this blog is usually dedicated to prosperity and success strategies.  Today, we’re taking a little bit of a departure because I’ve been slogging through a recovery f...

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Loving to Hate

In America today, we absolutely love to hate each other.  (This post is about United States, but if you change the labels, it’s probably accurate for the situation in most other countries.)&nbs...

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Take the #2021Challenge

Today, I have some homework for you.  I want you to write something.  A journal entry of your perfect day.  But not just any perfect day.  This entry will be dated January 1, 2021....

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Official Coronavirus Cancellations and Postponements…

If you’re like me, you’ve been fixed on all al the activities and diversions that have been cancelled, wondering when they will return.  I have such a fix to play softball again, go to dinner wit...

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When This Is All Over…

The last three weeks have been spent in self-isolation due to the coronavirus.  Looking at the models, it appears I’ll be hunkered down for at least four weeks more.  Like a lot of you, there are ...

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Pandemic + Politics = Death

In the case of a worldwide pandemic, lots of people die.  And unfortunately, lots of them die needlessly.  These unnecessary deaths are usually because of politics. (more…)...

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What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?

One of the wisest things economist Milton Friedman ever taught was that only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change.  It is times of crisis that cause our preconceived beliefs and ...

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Finding Peace in a Pandemic…

How do you keep your head when it seems the whole world around you is going crazy?  That’s probably a question many of you have been asking yourselves the last few weeks. In times like these, a gre...

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