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Seeking Self-Discovery

You’ve probably often read about the millions of little, automatic things your brain does every day, without you ever thinking about or even being aware of. Very true.  But you know what else is as...

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Beliefs versus Facts

Why are so many people unhealthy, unhappy, and financially distressed?  I think because they are not aware of the distinction between beliefs and facts. (more…)...

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Beliefs and the Fear of Changing Them

One of the saddest tragedies of our times is the number of people today who are living fear-based lives.  And the element I see the most in people, is fear of changing their beliefs. (more…)...

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Beliefs, Assumptions and Mind Viruses…

The recent blog I wrote about propaganda got me a lot of replies offline, from my close friends.  A lot of them are authors, coaches, podcasters, etc., -- and the idea of people who consider themselv...

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Questions for Prosperity

We’ve spent the last eight posts looking at causes of failure.  How foundational beliefs can cause you to self-sabotage your own success.  I presented what I see as the five deadliest causes, the ...

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Blowing Up Negative Beliefs

We've reached our final post on the deadliest causes or failure. In the last post, I gave you the critical questions to pose to yourself about your core foundational beliefs. (Religion, sex, money, wo...

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Core Beliefs that Cause Self-Sabotage…

We’re doing a series of posts on the five deadliest causes of failure that I’ve discovered in my work.  Last post we looked at the number one cause: worthiness issues.  I promised to continue th...

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Kill the Beliefs that are Killing You

In yesterday’s post we looked at the need to uncover negative and limiting beliefs you may have unknowingly become infected with.   Please understand that beliefs like those are killing you.  And...

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