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Making Happiness Your Purpose

Great discussion going on last week’s posts about the importance of a congruent philosophy to live by.  Now let’s take it the next step: your purpose. (more…)...

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Knowing Your Purpose

A funny thing happens when I teach the principles mentioned in the last post on the virtue and morality of selfishness.  Most everyone who reads them says, “You know instinctively I always knew tha...

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Are You Guilty?

We’ve been talking about how the TV and Hollywood creative types are forever painting unflattering pictures of rich and successful people.  But have you ever given much thought to how even the main...

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The Value for Value Equation of Prosperity

I often shock people when I recommend an Ayn Rand book titled, “The Virtue of Selfishness.”  They have so often received coaching that the way to success is to serve everyone else first.  I thin...

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The Books That Molded my Life

Quite a few of you have asked for book recommendations, for helping recognize negative programming, build better habits or develop more prosperity consciousness.  This is a fun subject; one that I lo...

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The Reason for Reason

In the last post we talked about the importance of having a purpose, and I said I think that this needs to be centered around your own happiness.

The next important fundamental value is running your ...

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How We Create Happiness

So I said in the last post that if your main purpose in life is serving others or even serving God, I doubt you’ve very happy.  You may want to consider selling all of your possessions and commit t...

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More on Selfishness…

One Saturday you're out watering your lawn when a car drives up and you recognize your old friend Eddie at the wheel.  You learn that he has just lost his job, his wife has kicked him out, and he cou...

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