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Wanting More

The last post on the many myths about money and wealth totally blew up!  Shows what a fascinating subject it is.  Dani asked if people don’t sometimes create limiting beliefs to protect their egos...

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Poverty is Evil

“Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” (more…)...

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The Immorality of Hedonism

So the last couple posts we’ve discussed the virtuous qualities of selfishness and the importance or getting your own needs met before you are able to help others in a meaningful way.  Now all this...

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Why Doing Good is Selfish

What a wild and groovy discussion going on the last post and the original post that started it all.  I promised that we’d pick up on the topic of how doing good was selfish… (more…)...

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How You Save the World

In yesterday’s post I was called everything but a child of God for suggesting people adopt a behavior of selfishness and recommending Ayn Rand’s book on the subject.  Some wanted to twist my word...

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Food for Thought on Selfishness

Predictably, the last post rankled some, shocked others and gave some serious food for thought.  And I’ll admit to using some language designed to create exactly those reactions.  Because it’s a...

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Acting on Principle

We’ve talked about compromising, the bigger issue, living by a congruent philosophy, and acting on principle.  Which almost no one in the herd does today. (more…)...

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No Principles, No Philosophy

Well compromise is a good thing right?  I mean all reasonable people compromise now and then. (more…)...

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