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Why You Love to Hate Rich People

Audience members in my seminars gasp when I tell them that the movie Titanic is the most malevolent film ever made.  The movie is a favorite to many, and they believe they were emotionally touched b...

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Why You Love to Hate Rich People

So in yesterday’s post, we explored some of the most prevalent mind viruses about money and success.  And I shared how I can predict the success or failure of pop culture entertainment, by how many...

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Money-Grubbing, Rich A$$holes

Ever since I wrote, Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE and How to get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH, I’ve proven again and again that I can predict a hit show or movie with complete accuracy.  Think a...

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Busting the Mind Virus Poverty Myths

We’ve had some fascinating discussions on money and its role in prosperity.  More than a few of the comments have been treading into some dangerous territory…   (more…)...

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Do You Notice Your Lack Programming?

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the lack and limitation programming you get from TV, radio, movies and other media.  So have you been watching and being aware of that? (more…)...

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