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Create Health, Wealth & Abundance In Your Life


This powerful audio album will help you uncover the subconscious “lack” programming you have which is holding you back. Then, you’ll replace it with prosperity consciousness to manifest money, health, great relationships, happiness, and strong spiritual harmony.

True prosperity comes from understanding and living by the spiritual laws that govern our world. This album takes you through each of the Seven Spiritual Laws that govern prosperity—and how to apply them. You will learn the ancient secrets to manifest prosperity in your own life.

You’ll discover:

Take a journey of spiritual enlightenment and discover the prosperity you were born to live. You will learn the practical applications so you can manifest prosperity in your life now. You’ll learn about faith, the principle of attraction, and even how to use creativity to get the bills paid!

This is the most specific, detailed, and comprehensive album ever produced on how to manifest prosperity in your life. Get it today and accept the abundance that is your birthright!

What Others are Saying about “Prosperity” by Randy Gage…

Randy Gage has a wonderful way of teaching timeless principles. His positive energy and results are inspiring. I am grateful for the opportunity to be influenced by his training.

— S. Tanner-Brown
Salt Lake City, UT

I couldn’t see that I needed to change my thinking, until I listened to these tapes. Randy, you are so wise! Thanks!

— T. Love
Jonesville, LA

I’ve taken on everything you say about prosperity thinking, and it really works. There are blessings happening all around me. I’m very grateful that I took the coaching and ordered these tapes. Thank you.

— N. Brullo
Aston, PA

The prosperity series reinforces principles I have been taught and lived by throughout my life. The information in them has taught me how to put these principles together and extend them to manifest wonderful prosperous blessings in my life.

— A. Bliss
West Jordan, UT

There have been many big happenings in my life lately. I was aware that I was the manipulator, however, I never fully appreciated the power within. Thank you for letting me know (verifying for me) what I already knew but was not ready to accept responsibility for. Thank you.

— D. Ploughman
Round Rock, TX

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