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Prosperity Is the Way

Prosperity Is the Way

DVD & Workbook by Randy Gage


To say that you’re searching for prosperity is like a fish swimming around looking for water. You can’t be treated for prosperity; you must be open to receiving it. The truth is there is no way to prosperity – prosperity is the way. In this eye-opening session you’ll discover that Infinite Intelligence doesn’t play favorites or punish you. The prosperity you experience is determined but what you want for yourself and allowing it
into your life.

And it not about working harder, trying harder, education or connections. The secret of
prosperity is living it.

Because prosperity is your natural state, it’s about unlearning negative beliefs and undoing lack programming. I’ll reveal the 11 most destructive and prevalent poverty mind viruses in the world today, and how you protect yourself from them.

I’ll reveal how you truly live a life of prosperity in all the key areas including:

Instead of trying to “get” prosperity, you’ll learn how to “be” prosperity.

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