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Creating Abundant Health

Creating Abundant Health

DVD & Workbook by Randy Gage


No amount of money or things can bring you joy when your health isn’t right.  This powerful training will show you how to eat better, increase your vital energy, find time to exercise, and other tips to manifest optimal health.  It will be presented as a virtual seminar online, and offered shortly afterward as a DVD and worksheet.

You will discover the “Foundational Four” things you need to reach your best health possible.  Then you’ll discover the 7 key elements on how you make that happen in your own life.

You’ll learn the healthiest foods to eat, the deadliest ones to avoid, how to create harmony, and ways to produce mental balance and clarity.  You’ll even learn the role of spirituality and meaning in manifesting optimal health.

You simply can’t experience true prosperity without having abundant health.  This program from Randy will show you exactly how to do that!

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