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Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

Prosperity Seminar Series by Randy Gage

12 Part Prosperity Video Series


Dear Student of Truth,

I’m embarking on an exciting new adventure, and invite you to be a part of it — a prosperity seminar series titled, Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

This 12 part series features my very latest work on how you manifest health, happiness, and abundance in your life. Each seminar is inspired by the new book I’m working on, 13 Insights of Prosperity. Each seminar we’ll dive into a deep exploration of one of the insights.

This is the most advanced work I’ve ever done on prosperity and how you manifest it in your life. These are the breakthroughs you need to let go of fear thoughts, limiting beliefs, and poverty consciousness – and replace them with power confidence, empowering beliefs, and prosperity consciousness.

You’ll watch me via 12 DVDs or online streaming video, and follow along with 12 workbooks or downloadable PDFs that I’ll email to you. The online streaming videos will be archived in a password-protected site, so you can view them when your schedule permits, and go back and re-watch whenever you need a prosperity boost. The 12 DVDs and Workbooks also come with immediate digital access — so you’ll be able to start your new adventure on prosperity and
how you manifest it in your life immediately.

If you want to go “all in,” sign up and work the lessons each month for a year. If you simply want to test drive it, or chose individual modules, you can do that too. It all comes down to how much abundance you can stand.

Here’s the line up for the series:

Session 1: Slum Dog or MillionaireSlum Dog or Millionaire
For this program we’ll look at how you may lose confidence in yourself and develop worthiness issues. And the worthiness question is the biggest issue people face when it comes to manifesting their prosperity.


Session 2: Prosperity Is the WayProsperity Is the Way
Because prosperity is your natural state, it’s about unlearning negative beliefs and undoing lack programming. I’ll reveal the 11 most destructive and prevalent poverty mind viruses in the world today, and how you protect yourself from them.


Session 3: The Prosperity Power is YouThe Prosperity Power is You
Your boss, the government, or economy can’t control your prosperity unless you let them. To manifest prosperity, you have to redefine yourself from a recipient to a co-creator. With this program you’ll learn exactly how to do that.


Session 4: Poverty Doesn't Buy HappinessPoverty Doesn’t Buy Happiness
This amazing session will show you how to develop the spiritual discernment that allows you to accept the abundance you are meant to have.


Session 5: Prosperity is Created in the Mind FirstProsperity is Created in the Mind First
For you to manifest your prosperity, you must see it in your mind first.  You see it there, then you create it in the real world.  In this powerful program you’ll discover exactly how to do that.


Session 6: Cosmic ConsciousnessCosmic Consciousness
When you find your assignment – or probably more accurately – when your assignment finds you, your prosperity is inevitable. This session we’ll explore how you can cause that to come about.


Session 7: Creating Abundant HealthCreating Abundant Health
No amount of money or things can bring you joy when your health isn’t right. We’ll work on how you increase vital energy, eat better, find time to exercise, and other tips to manifest optimal health.


Session 8: The Role of Ego to Manifest ProsperityThe Role of Ego to Manifest Prosperity
It’s fashionable to demonize the ego today. But Napoleon Hill, Carnegie, Ford, Firestone, Branson, Getty and many other mega successful people used the power of ego to accomplish great things. This session will concentrate on how you control and harness the power of your ego to create abundance in your life.


Session 9: Faith It ‘Till You Make It!Faith It ‘Till You Make It
There may be no more powerful prosperity power than faith. You want to live your life by reason, but have the faith to override it when it’s called for. We’ll discover how to channel the power of faith to create a life you’ll love.


Session 10: The Only Free Cheese is in the MousetrapThe Only Free Cheese is in the Mousetrap
True prosperity is never about taking. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about giving either, for that just leads to co-dependence and entitlement mentality. True prosperity is always based on creating value-for-value equations. You’ll learn how to do that in this powerful session.


Session 11: Harnessing Cosmic Habit ForceHarnessing Cosmic Habit Force
In my church we like to say, “The universe makes the light available to you, but you must still turn on the light switch.” And nothing does more for your prosperity than your daily habits. In this session you’ll learn about cosmic habit force, a lesser-known teaching from Napoleon Hill.


Session 12: Manifesting HappinessManifesting Happiness
Happiness doesn’t come from money and material things – It comes from the self-expression they allow you. In this enlightening seminar you’ll learn how to attract the people, things and circumstances that bring real joy into your life. You’ll learn the roles of money, health and relationships to happiness. It’s about creating a vision and then choosing that future. You’ll discover how to release being a victim and choosing to be victorious.


There you have it. I promise you 12 sessions of amazing, breakthrough insights on how you can manifest the wealth that you are meant to have. These will be exciting lessons, going deep into the metaphysical essence of how you conquer lack and limiting beliefs and live a rich life of true prosperity and abundance. I hope you’ll join me and spread the word to other prosperity conscious people.

– Randy Gage

Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

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