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Stop Playing Safe…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

You see a competitor has a strong market share, so you decide to just cede the space to them.


No one’s ever done it before, so you decide it’s better not to attempt it.


You launch your cutting edge, innovative product, but market it with boring, conventional advertising because that seems “normal.”


You build a cookie-cutter website because all the other companies in your industry do it that way.


You think about rescuing a puppy or kitten from the shelter, but decide against it because in ten or 15 years they’ll die and you’ll be so sad.


WTF! Is that really how you want to run your business? Is that really how you want to live?


I wrote Risky Is the New Safe because I knew that for most people and companies, the biggest obstacle they face is thinking it is safe to play it safe. And nothing could be further from the truth. The rules have changed, and playing things safe is actually the riskiest thing you can do today.


Please. Stop playing it safe and take a risk, because that’s where the breakthroughs live. Please. Stop living safe and start really living.


Do something bold, daring and adventurous today!



Randy is the author of nine international bestsellers on success, including, Risky Is the New Safe. He’s currently on sabbatical, writing his next book, but posts occasionally here. If you find these postcards helpful, please share them.

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48 thoughts on “Stop Playing Safe…

  1. Jonathan1 says:

    Good timing RG.. After months of working at the creation of a pilot for TV and other platforms I was beginning to think that the inspirational story idea and  innovative approach  might not be accepted well by the masses. I also feel it’s important to piss some people off where adding controversial issues within the fabric of the stories told. So thank you for reminding me that Risky IS the new Safe and with that I’m going to take your book out and re-read it 🙂 Blessings and peace brother!

  2. JensLarsson says:

    Going against the grain and trusting my gut instinct! I will never play it (by the general public’s version of) safe! Thanks Randy! Looking forward to joining the Million Dollars per Year Club very soon! No shit!

  3. Bob Pond says:

    Kick in the butt on target. Thanks, Randy. You got my attention.

  4. Kiko says:

    THANKS for the reminder that “safe” isn’t how I care to live.  🙂

  5. JoseLopez says:

    I stopped living safe back in 2002 and I haven’t look back! When you live safe and don’t take action to better yourself, you will pay the ultimate price. Although I’m not rich but I live comfortable on my six figure a month income. I’m looking to live reckless and see where it takes me.

  6. Randy_Gage says:

    BobBurg Mad love…

  7. ChrisCrosby says:

    So have you applied to any of the Harvard programs I’ve sent you yet? Or are you

  8. BobBurg says:

    Randy_Gage Great post… as always! 🙂

  9. ThomasMrak says:

    Jonathan1 I’m working on electronic music myself. I feel the same way sometimes, especially since I’ve failed so much and I’m no longer 22, but 32. 
    But, you’re exactly right. If you make something which pleases everyone, it pleases no one.

  10. souravghosh says:

    I was creating a video on the same topic!!! I was raising 2 baby rabbits and a cat for some time. 3 days back one of my rabbits died. I was very sad. But then when I decided to buy another one, my Dad strictly forbade me. His logic was what you mentioned “Why do you adopt these pets when it hurts so much when they die?” And he gave me the same logic when I decided to start Home Based Business right from 2nd year college: “Why take risk starting a business, when you can have a safe job with your great academic background?”. 
    My reply to Dad was very similar to yours. I want to express all the emotions in the world. I want to fall in love, and if I get heartbroken I will fall in love again. I want to trust people, and if I am cheated I will trust people again. I want to follow my heart, take risks and if I fail … I will try again tweaking my strategy again. I am not afraid to face the ups and downs of life. I trained myself to deal with it and live my best life!

  11. Robert Sekerak says:

    This is the kick between my eyes I was waiting for. Thanks Randy.

  12. Tony says:

    Everything in the Universe is in a constant state of change and you can go for the longest walk in you life and try the hardest you ever tried while walking out there and there is one think you will not be able to find, RISK is nowhere to be seen. It resides solely in the Temple called our head, it is just a story we tell ourself to justify our own inaction. Thank you Randy for timely reminder.

  13. PeterGHorrill says:

    Intelligent thoughtful, innovative, progressive Risk.. it’s the new “sexy”

  14. Mary Ellen Ingallina says:

    Love this!

  15. Lisa Young says:

    Not playing safe no more! BOLD is the new way of thinking. Thanks Randy!

  16. pandkenterprises says:

    I decided to listen to your advice and throw caution to the wind.  I no longer wear a cup when playing baseball.  I will probably be singing for the Vienna Boys Choir by the end of the season, but I’m putting my money where my mouth is (or at least where my crotch is if I miss a hard, line drive).

  17. pandkenterprises says:

    JoseLopez Well, stop playing it safe and send me one of those six-figure checks.

  18. Brady Hansen says:


  19. Randy_Gage says:

    lazynetworker Thanks 4 getting the word out!

  20. Randy_Gage says:

    TheShef Thanks 4 getting the word out!

  21. Randy_Gage says:

    lazynetworker Thanks 4 getting the word out!

  22. WealthUponUs says:

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  23. Rod Rocket says:

    Risky is the New Safe is mandatory reading for self actualization!  I have been out of the rat race for eleven years, and wold have checked out of the net sooner had I had that book, coupled withthe “be careful who your experts are” philosophy.
    Bro gage does it again !!

  24. DenniJordan1 says:

    Great blog Randy and I totally agree! We only live once and playing it safe limits us and will never allow us to reach our full potential. I give pretty good motivational and inspirational speeches, but tonight, I stretched myself and entered a Humorous Speech contest. I delivered a good, uplifting message. I didn’t deliver enough jokes, but the ones I delivered people did laugh at. I didn’t win or even come in 1st runner up, but I got out of my comfort zone, I didn’t play it safe and I feel great!

  25. PeterGHorrill says:

    RG – great post, thankyou! Could you comment on strategies for “idea management”? ..I currently work six days a week, and find my greatest intuitive ideas “flow into my consciousness” at times when it’s just not possible to write them down. There must be others with the same challenge. Living intelligently “Risky” involves implementing ideas.. am looking for a breakthrough concept or formula here..

    Thanks in advance.

  26. pandkenterprises says:

    PeterGHorrill I have found by leaving a quick voice message on my cell phone works for me.

  27. Randy_Gage says:

    PeterGHorrill I Like pandkenterprises answer below, but I always like to have a notebook or journal nearby. -RG

  28. pandkenterprises Thanks, good suggestion!

  29. Randy_Gage Thanks RG, I like both your answers.. I like the notebook idea.. as I’m on the road a great deal, I may invest in a micro-recorder.

  30. Jonathan1 says:

    So cool RG.. I have to state this constantly with the writers that are collaborating on my vision. It’s FAR too easy to write a story, develop a character or tell it visually JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER SHOWS.. In fact if we look at media there’s SO much copycat crap its ridiculous; and that’s because BIG networks are scared to take chances. Risky is INDEED the new Safe! We’re creating content that challenges, humors and inspires in a completely unique way told across multiple platforms..AND it’s going to piss some people off in the process. Oh well..I always preferred pickled ginger ice cream to vanilla don’t you?

  31. pandkenterprises says:

    Jonathan1 I prefer ginger ice cream but when you’re playing to an old, fat “vanilla” audience, safe always seems to be the preferred flavor.

  32. Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope.
    Every line….speaks clearly to and of the Sunlight of the Spirit and the adventure of life..  Thank you for being a blessing.
    It is wonderful to be on fire for the adventure that life is. .

  33. Thanks Randy. Bold, Daring and Adventurous is not only where I live but my entire family. If you have a moment, you should read this one page (2 min read). We sold it all and hit the road. As a family of 5. With only and SUV and a trailer. Living your words.

  34. VedarthDeshpande says:

    Beautiful post

  35. fan85 says:

    Actually, playing safe doesn’t make you go anywhere most of the time, especially in business. This post serves many people, me included, to take their business to the next level. Thanks! 🙂

  36. otaida says:

    play safe… but please not always do that.

  37. AnthonyBeach says:

    Cool Randy Gage    Shared this right on point value with many just now!
    Tony Beach

  38. BluesBro1 says:

    Nice post. Like the book title Risky ia the New Safe:)

  39. Dale Proctor says:

    PeterGHorrill  I am working on a great idea regarding retaining those thoughts that just pop up in our head when we least expect them and how to record them for future use or discard. At least then we have THE CHOICE. My first post on any social media site but trust me Randy Gage really hits home here. Thanks for confirming what I been thinking.
    Dale Proctor

  40. Dale Proctor says:

    You build a cookie-cutter website because all the other companies in your industry do it that way.

    The competition shows you the way they did it so you do the homework (like a dog ever ate mine) apply your expertise making your website design Google, Yahoo, Bing friendly.  Pretty easy to harass while you dance around Bozo. Fast and on target is a bitch to contend with, I love this one

  41. ChalkyWhite says:

    PeterGHorrill Think that every mobile (cell) phone has a vocie recorder built in these days which makes it easy to record, even when you don’t have service

  42. Sometimes it offends people, do it anyway!

  43. Dale Proctor PeterGHorrill  You’re very welcome Dale – good success to you! Let us know what you come up with.

  44. ChalkyWhite PeterGHorrill  You’re correct, my cell phone does. Thankyou!

  45. when you are focused on the message as the message, the cookie cutter website works. the website isn’t the focus.
    when I have time, I will change the website. For now it works.

  46. Bernice says:

    What do most consider “safe”? Religion.

  47. Bernice says:

    Most are born into a religion. It isn’t a free market. You have to know the truth to be free. Most never learn the truth and remain stuck in the religion theycwere born into.


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