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Seeking Meaning and Finding Yourself

finding yourself
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

In the last post I expressed my doubt about the wisdom of attempting to discover who you are through the pathway of organized religion.  If you took that route and it worked for you, I couldn’t be happier for you.  But for most of the people attempting it, they don’t discover themselves, but instead end up, submerging themselves.

They draw great pride and honor, and find a spiritual experience serving something greater than themselves.  I also believe we can find tremendous satisfaction and meaning from serving something bigger than ourselves.  But my take is that you won’t get the total gift from that experience unless you already know and appreciate who you are.

Manifesting prosperity in your life is following the path toward enlightenment.  And that means becoming the best possible version of yourself.

So the goal isn’t really to find yourself.  The joyous journey comes from creating yourself.



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7 thoughts on “Seeking Meaning and Finding Yourself

  1. and our greatest capacity is resourcefullness I believe. That’s what it’s been for me. Live in the lands of resourcefullness & resiliency; that’s simple, though not easy.

  2. How can you serve anything bigger than you correctly, if you are not the best possible version of yourself?

  3. Organised religion is just that – it’s there to organise us into submissive citizens (religion and state used to be the same thing).

  4. Donna Prakas says:

    ”Aaaaaaaamen! Aaaaaaaaamen! Aaaaaaaamen! Take me to church. ! The Divine dance!

  5. Bernice Alive says:

    Religions give you a false identity: “unless you already know and appreciate who you are.”

    You can leave religion and not learn who you are.
    Maybe this would still be letting others tell you who you are, and you create based on those beliefs.

    I think it is important to know and appreciate yourself, and then continue creating.
    Each day we are creating, we may be creating what others tell us, or what we decide to create.

    I no longer want to be in a religion, Unless there is a religion that believes in equality, love, kindness, and personal empowerment.

    If you know and appreciate who you are, would you be in religion?

    1. thechalkywhite says:

      With you there Bernice. There is bound to be a religion out there, but I haven’t found it yet, which has no “rules”. I love the irony of the work “catholic” which means universal, yet as soon as we put rules on something, we stop it being universal. BTW, in England, “catholic” is applied to both the church of England, as well as the church of Rome – among others…

  6. Dave Yunker says:

    Truly Awesome this time, Outta the Park!


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