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Searching for Meaning…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Someone inserted a piece of glass in a metal tube, turned it towards the stars, and saw a panorama that no one on earth had ever seen before.  This was a demonstration of vision in both senses of the word. 

When you talk about vision, it often seems so grandiose and pretentious.  We think about our mission and create vision statements.  The really clever people go deeper into values and principles.  It’s a fascinating realm to explore and can offer you much enlightenment.

However, I do think that sometimes we overthink the process.  What we really want to know, what we are ultimately searching for, is how all this applies to life. Our life.  How we can live a life of meaning.

Allow me to suggest a more practical application for all this…

You need a reason to want to pull the covers off the bed in the morning.  Something bigger than the fact that Gaga is doing a concert in your town that evening, the new season of NARCOS is coming out on Netflix, or it’s release day for a new Steven Pressfield book.  (Not throwing shade on those these, as any one of them would help me wake up happier.)

Things like that provide enjoyment and we look forward to them with excitement.  But I watched the entire season of NARCOS Mexico the week it came out. What’s going to hold me over until the next season of Altered Carbon or Game of Thrones becomes available?

We need more than enjoyment, distraction, and entertainment.

We need something bigger than ourselves to be a part of.  The truth is, the vast majority of people are bored AF with their lives.  That’s why they become seekers. It’s why they join religions and cults (although there isn’t much of a distinction between them), and gangs.  First, there is a sense of identity.  But more intoxicating, is the esoteric possibility of a purpose to pursue, and a meaning to uncover.

This ultimately leads to a trifurcation of three possible paths.  And that’s where we’ll pick up on the next post.

Until then, any thoughts?


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8 thoughts on “Searching for Meaning…

  1. Jorge says:

    The correct answer is something deeper. I can only focus on myself, yet is very disappointing and concerning to see how the masses keep running towards immediate pleasure and fulfilling scarcity.

    1. Chris says:

      Hey Jorge, yeah man and if you take into consideration the absolute fear that is presiding over all media at the moment, it breeds a lack of certainty. If people feel that uncertain, they will reach of the kettle chips (guilty as charged) or some other immediate fix.

  2. Chris says:

    People have always searched for meaning ‘out there’. I don’t think that will ever change. Of course the real reason for the search is also the reason it will never change and that is that shifting from external to internal, from joining a cult to becoming the head poohbear of the Cult of Self (damn I think I like that as a book title) requires one to face their own demons. And most people just aren’t ready to do that. The other notion to consider here is that certainty plays an enormous role. It’s easy to follow a cult because of the certainty the leader has (even if every morsel of our brains screams that it’s Willie Wonker and the chocolate factory). Certainty breeds a crazy kind of trust and faith – and where do most people lack certainty – in themselves (because they aren’t willing to face the demon looking back at them in the mirror).

  3. david says:

    How do you feel about mlm’s being almost cult like??

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I think it plays out there the same way it does everywhere else. The good leaders speak to people’s desire to be a part of something bigger and provide an opportunity for people to express that in positive ways. And the bad leaders exploit it to manipulate people.

    2. Paul R Erickson says:

      Yes, David, they are a cult. Both Penn and Teller and John Oliver explains it on YouTube:

  4. Prosperity, mediocrity or poverty? ..the three possible paths?

    1. Paul R Erickson says:

      Yes, someone inserted a piece of glass in a metal tube, turned it toward the stars, and stated what he discovered. Of course, that person was Giordano Bruno. On February 17th, 1600, he was charged with heresy by the Catholic Church for the following – 1) proposing that the stars are distant suns 2) that the suns could have planets of their own 3) that these planets could possibly harbor life 4) and that communion could not possibly transform itself into the body and blood of Christ. For these hedonistic claims, he was burned at the stake and became the 1st martyr for science. So, yes Randy, you are correct religions are nothing more than cults. The cult known as the Catholic Church is still getting away with heinous acts with impunity. They are able to do this because of their extensive wealth and political influence. But there is only one thing I cannot figure out – why anyone would belong to an organization that extensively covers up pedophilia.


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