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Protect Your Soul and Humanity

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity.

You can’t watch the video of the life ebbing out of George Karl without it tearing a hole in your heart.  Likewise, when you see police officers push down the 75-year-old man and walk by him as his head was bleeding onto the pavement.  It’s also gut-wrenching to see honorable police or National Guard officers trying to maintain peace and see them getting bricks thrown at their heads.  There is a similar dynamic with wars, natural disasters, and emergencies.

In tumultuous times it seems natural that we want to stay abreast of developments and keep informed on daily happenings.  But going too deep can create serious emotional damage to yourself.

You see someone posts a video of some horrific injustice caught on video.  You follow them.  And then another. And another.  Next thing you know, your desire to show solidarity and expose injustice, has turned your social media feed into a never-ending injection of hate, judgment, and pain.  This feeds directly into your subconscious mind and will scar your soul.  There is enough injustice and oppression to keep your attention 24 hours a day.  But if that is all you see, you’ll miss the love, compassion, and kindness that could also fill your attention 24/7.  The secret is not getting sucked exclusively into either category: blind hate or cheerful ignorance.

By all means, please stand up for people when they are being dehumanized, demeaned, discriminated against, oppressed, or attacked.  That is the just and right thing for any human to do for our fellow humans.  But please also be mindful of the influences and stimuli you’re allowing into your consciousness.

You must keep your humanity in order to save humanity.


– RG

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8 thoughts on “Protect Your Soul and Humanity

  1. Hi Randy. Thanks for your reminder. Totally agree with you. Be careful with what we feed to our mind. There are much more positivity happening but negativity just louder. Let makes positive things louder by spreading more positivity! =)

  2. david says:

    Just read a headline in Slate: Self-aware police union furious that cops are being treated like thugs and animals.. insert joke here…

  3. That’s the danger to our prosperity is standing up for someone, or even volitionally offering help, yet protecting ourselves from “low vibrations”

  4. graham UK says:

    Dear Randy, I read a couple of pages of Ponder in the morning, And she reminds me of our Moab state or the Bethlehem state of mind … love as always G UK.. have you ordered your tibetan incense sticks yet for the balcon???

  5. graham UK says:

    Lack of attachment creates loneliness, G UK

  6. Wes says:

    Totally agree. I definitely have to step back and watch or read something showing love and the good in the world.

  7. My wakeup call triggered by two diseases: 1) COVID 19; 2) The would-be dictator who currently infects the White House and America. How am I waking up? Well, I have lost all desire for any alcoholic drink, even the vintage wines that I used to enjoy. I’m reclaiming my mind from the platitudes that sap the real life out of personal development. True personal growth ain’t pretty, warm, fuzzy, and comfortable. It’s brutal, worth the pain, and it’s not optional. I’m practicing blunt truth; it can offend and infuriate. So be it. America has been in a trance for a very long time. Those who cling to the distractions that numb their feelings and create the illusion of comfort are in for a rude awakening if the country flushes democracy down the toilet and embraces the shell of humanity that holds onto and desecrates the presidency. And, if anyone is asking, I am not at all feeling negative or unhappy. I am clear, hopeful, and very grateful to be intensely alive during this period of transitional chaos. Thank you, Randy Gage, for carrying the Mad Genius’ torch!

  8. From a protecting our mind and soul perspective, things are quite different from the “save the whales and tofu burger days”.. knowledge of the workings of the mind, spirit, soul, connection is vital to keep our humanity now.


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