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Prosperity vs. Rich

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last week I was channeling my inner Eric Butterworth and tweeted out: Poverty is not a lack of money and material possessions; it’s a state of mind. Prosperity is not an abundance of money and material possessions; it’s a state of mind.

Matthew replied and asked, “I guess it’s not prosperity that we’re all after then. What is the word for an abundance of money and material possessions?”  That’s an interesting question, worthy of some exploration.  Here’s how I would answer it…

An abundance of money and material things would be defined as “rich.”  But it wouldn’t necessarily qualify as prosperous, because it lacks come of the most important aspects or prosperity, such as health, harmony, spiritual grounding, relationships and love.

That doesn’t mean money and material things don’t matter to prosperity.  They do.  But they’re only a part.


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6 thoughts on “Prosperity vs. Rich

  1. wellbeinginsights says:

    I think “rich” is sometimes defined as “man made prosperity”; fleeting – temporal – backed by zero spiritual thought or substance.

    .. whereas Prosperous, is everything infinite & eternal like you sated above Sir Randy. All of which is attracted by the right spiritual substance. ~ What are your thoughts, friends?

  2. Lucky Uche says:

    I believe Matthew was very correct. Some are after being rich, not prosperous. In the spirit of true prosperity, I also believe they are very right because each person should have the freedom to pursue the things they want, whatever that is. It’s well within their rights to aim to be just rich and not necessarily prosperous.

    Randy, what do you think? I think some people know they could aim higher but deliberately choose to aim lower, for whatever reasons. It’s not because they think they can’t be all of that but they just want to live a life that doesn’t stretch them ti be the best they can. In the spirit of prosperity, would you say they are wrong for such choices? For not wanting to reach their highest potential? Is it prosperous to say “everyone has a right to choose how they want to live, whether or not it seems right to me”?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I would agree everyone has the right to choose how they want to live. It’s not my role to say whether they are “wrong” for not choosing to become the best they can be, but I do see that as a wasted gift.

  3. Daniel says:

    “But it wouldn’t necessarily qualify as prosperous, because it (MAYBE) lacks come of the most important aspects or prosperity…”

    I think if you gain money, eventually you are going to achieve everything you wants, since all of them based on money. If you have enough money, most likely you going to find a way to love, health, harmony and spiritual growing. This is the natural process of the ordinary human mind. It is a mistake for trying to be perfect suddenly in every way. Gain money and money shows da way.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I wouldn’t agree wit the idea that there’s is a cause/effect relationship that gaining money means you will find a way to experience love, health or spiritual growing. There are many examples of people who that didn’t work for. I do think money can buy you time and chances, but you still have to make better choices and the results aren’t guaranteed.

      1. Daniel says:

        It is definitely true. But I meant in your way. If you are programmed your subconscious to achieve prosperity (meaning, erasing negative beliefs), there is nothing stopping you to go further, because you know it is working. So if you will be loved, you are going to be. If you will be healthy, you are going to be.

        Of course, if someone “just” rich and knows nothing about this stuff, he can be rich in money and broke in heart. But I guess that guy aren’t here. But who knows?


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