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Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs


Are You Looking to Create an Innovative Product?

Struggling to Develop a Breakthrough Marketing Campaign?

Trying to Disrupt an Entire Industry?


Mad Genius Book

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Create your next breakthrough

Mad Genius is a unique book for entrepreneurs—and for employees who want to think like entrepreneurs. It will help you unleash the innate creative genius inside you.

Every industry has its sacred cows and accepted practices. These are often based upon foundational premises that are no longer valid—if they ever were.

There’s a reason Facebook was birthed in a dorm room, came from people not in the bookstore business, and UBER was created by people who weren’t from the taxi industry. Innovation, discovery, and creating disruption require blowing up conventional thinking and unleashing your entrepreneurial brilliance.

Mad Genius is a fire hose of creative stimulation that will spark breakthrough ideas and show you how to nurture them.

Get ready to think different.

This product includes:

  • 1 hardback copy of the book Mad Genius
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