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Plan B for Your Life

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By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

I never planned that my grandmother would get Alzheimer’s Disease.  Or expected the tax authorities to seize my business.  I certainly didn’t plan that my brother-in-law would die of a brain tumor while he and my sister had two young children.

I had other plans.  But the Universe seemed to have plans of its own.  So I’m going with plan B.  And that’s the way life is… 

You desire a specific outcome or set an explicit goal. That’s a wise approach for life.  So set your intention and do everything in your power to accomplish that outcome.  And know that you don’t always get what you want.  And contrary to what that Jagger guys says, you don’t always get what you need either.  But if you try sometime you find…

The Rolling Stones are still rocking, the sun’s coming up tomorrow, and you have another opportunity to create a life of prosperity.

So how are you doing on that?

– RG

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One thought on “Plan B for Your Life

  1. Peter Horrill says:

    If we can manage our vibrational escrow (Abraham Hicks) toward definite prosperous expansion, and get as detailed about it as possible, it’s using our focus & attention in the most liberal, responsible, creative way. So how much of an “architect-of-our-own-consciousness-prowess” can we leverage our minds to create? This is a relevant question on my consciousness journey.

    Where is everyone else at? This could be an interesting thread on facebook.


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