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Never Count Other People’s Money

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Not surprisingly, the last post created some strong reactions, both positive and vitriolic.  In my inimitably charming way, I said people who would judge where and how I spend my money should go fuck themselves.  Now in case there was anyone I didn’t offend with that last post – let’s see if I can cover them with this one.

There are some fundamental elements of prosperity that must be understood, and some fundamental principles that must be followed – in order for you to manifest true prosperity in your life.  Let’s begin with this premise:

Never count other people’s money.  Or tell them how to spend it.

It’s not your business or right to judge other people’s wealth and how they choose to express it.  NOTE: We’re not talking about someone earning a fortune in manufacturing while polluting the nearby river, engaging in sex trafficking, or other immoral activities like that.  Hopefully in an enlightened society, we can agree that actions that benefit you, but harm others are not prosperous.

But as far as what car they drive, what class of travel they enjoy, or any other material possessions they purchase – you have to have a monumental arrogance and ignorance to believe you have the right to judge others in this regard.

Everyone has areas they spurge on, because they enjoy the way it enhances or enriches their life.  And everyone has areas they are frugal in, because those areas aren’t as important to them.  And what those areas are, are nobody else’s business.  No one.

Remember the ice bucket challenge?  I saw people post their challenge video to raise funds to fight ALS and get replies rebuking them because water is precious in Africa, question whether they spent two dollars buying the ice, or telling them they will rot and burn in hell because some research involves stem cells. Arrogance and ignorance.

Someone posts support for a charity on their social media stream, and someone else is quick to question how much the director of that charity is paid (insinuating that all non-profit employees should work for free or meager wages), or the percentage of their administrative expenses.  Arrogance and ignorance.

When you’re a public person like I am, you get hit with loan requests, handout entreaties, and charitable appeals weekly.  When I ignore a request from some person I’ve never met to send them a substantial amount of money for some nebulous need they have, they often tell me what a “bad Christian” I am, or how I forgot where I came from.  If I tell them I already have my plate full with charities I support, some respond that I’m stupid or uncaring for not supporting their charity.  Arrogance and ignorance.

Please.  Spare me your arrogance and ignorance.  For most of the people who judge me, I would wager that I give more money to charity in a month then than they do in their entire lifetime.  They attack me for the shallowness they feel in their own lives.

I don’t respond by publicly bragging what I donate and where.  Because that would validate that they somehow have a right to question how I spend my money. They don’t.  (And by the way, it wouldn’t matter if I donated nothing to charity and spent all my money on 100K watches and bottles at the club.  By earning my money, I have earned the right to spend it as I see fit.)

Now I get that there are some of you who genuinely have a desire to help others and see the world become a more enlightened place, where we all took pride and actions to serve others.  I’m with you all the way.  But there is a better mindset to approach that with.

Which we’ll explore on the next post.  Until then, love to see your thoughts below…


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7 thoughts on “Never Count Other People’s Money

  1. Sometimes you say stupid things like money is just a worthless paper and so on, and when I starting to lose interest on you (just kidding) you suddenly write something, which is 100% accurate again and which should be hammered in the minds of the people.

    Of course no one have the right to tell you how to spend your money! Governments don’t have this kinds of rights, but they apply it with force anyway. Your money is your money. Because money is CREATED and not had been stolen. If you are offering goods and services, you CREATE money. If you rise taxes, you STOLE it. It it that simple. The world is going to be richer every time you create value, be as speech, store, stuff, anything what people can use to make things better. The invention of the hammer made the world rich like never before. If I invent cold fusion, the world is going to be hundred times more richer. Where is this money came from? They have to print it in order to back the stuff you created.

    Now you can send on whatever you want your CREATED money, because you simply unable to hurt the economy with that. This money was not taken from somewhere else (temporarily maybe until the government (FED in America) figuring out they should print more because of you). In fact nobody have more right to this money than you. Nobody! If they have more right than you, you suddenly going to lose the interest on achieving, which turn every eventually every single person into a street sweeper.

    A would modify the sentence “Arrogance and ignorance.” to “Arrogance OF ignorance”.

    “I said people who would judge where and how I spend my money should go fuck themselves.”

    I wish you could be so harsh and strong when you complain about the names of what people calling on gays. See? We should not oppress hate speech, because what we oppress is free speech. We should be strong and intelligent enough to process it, to don’t give a fuck about it or to be able to fight back if we will!

  2. Bernice Alive says:

    I”m reading The Fourth Great Awakening & the Future of Egalitarianism by Robert William Fogel (1993 Nobel Prize in Economics).

  3. thechalkywhite says:

    Great post Randy. One point, your use of “…other immoral activities…” got me thinking about Ayn Rand’s book, The Virtue of Selfishness, where the first lecture questions whether a moral code is required among humanity. Perhaps a better way to interpret that would be to recognise we all have different moral codes (and yes, the “great” questions are usually the same, however it is often the details that matter) and suggest that if someone was making money via illegal activities that would be unprosperous – if indeed that is a word. Perhaps anti prosperous might be more appropriate..

    Loving the way this thread is developing

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I don’t like illegal as the rational, because in many places, things like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, prostitution, or taking recreational drugs is illegal. But I don’t consider them immoral or necessarily anti-prosperous.

      1. Bernice Alive says:

        real or prudent?

  4. Prosperity is to be celebrated, not worshiped. It’s our natural state! .. the basics.. let’s get our definitions correct..

  5. Debbie says:

    I am completely rattled, because I am just catching up, backwards, on your posts, starting with The Infinite Nature of Money. Will comment anyway. Long time listener, first time caller, kinda thing.
    Inevitably, the many people who asked me for donations to their cause, or who share a post of someone looking for dollas, gave NONE themselves. As if their superior conscience job was to merely give the contribution job to someone they decided “should” donate. Give me a break.
    And, people who asked why I wanted to do more businesses, didn’t I have enough, were the exact same people with their hand out when the time came. Hard eyeball roll.
    (I’m nicer than I sound right now).


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