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Money as a Measuring Stick

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

I was sitting at the airport in Orange County, talking with some speakers who were traveling back on the same flight as I was.  One of them asked me how things were going.  I replied that I was doing great.  Then she asked a simple enough question…  

“How can you tell?” she wanted to know.

“Money,” I answered.

She gave a nervous laugh, as did another friend with us.  “That’s not exactly what I was expecting you to answer,” she said.  “I was expecting you to say something about the results your clients get, or something like that.”

I think they are almost the same thing…

As you know, I live my life by the objectivist philosophy of a fair exchange of values.  And practice the laws of prosperity, which are also grounded in a value for value exchange.  So if you do what I do, and you do it well—you make lots of money.

If people don’t get value for your books and albums, they don’t buy the next one that comes out.  If they don’t learn things at your seminar, they don’t attend another.  And if companies don’t see a change in results after you do a program for them, they look for someone else next time.

Which is exactly as it should be.  But I hope you understand the bigger picture.  Namely the way that abundance works…

If you do something at an extraordinary, exemplary and world class level in the marketplace, the market will make you rich.  Because that is the way prosperity works.

Now it’s not fashionable to talk about money in the way I do.  People think it’s not “spiritual,” to talk like that.  I think it’s the highest form of spiritualism.  I see money as universal law in action, living your life by the highest principles of spirituality.

What do you think?


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52 thoughts on “Money as a Measuring Stick

  1. Exactly! Right!! I think just like you. So if you do what I do, and you do it ¨the best¨you make lots of money. Money and Prosperity go hand in hand. MV

  2. Javier says:

    right Randy, life is like ping pong, if you do not see a ball coming back that means you are not serving the other player…so let’s pray for eternal ping pong returns….

  3. Ricardo Guimarães says:

    Hi Randy

    Agreed. Sorry for Mac lover’s, but Bill Gates would not be the richest man in the world if he did not find a way to serve more people than others.


  4. Gina Koinski says:

    Great post (of course)! Love reading what you have to say. Keeping it real!

  5. OLKS says:

    Money is energy; so if you´re in the flow with that everything raises their energy levels therefore everything will be better on all levels

  6. Rick Corbett says:

    I love that train of thought. I agree that the more value you bring to the market, the more you will be rewarded!

  7. This is a great idea in theory, and Objectivists have a great view on it, but unfortunately, it’s another one of those specious reasoning things.

    Even Rand talks about the necessity of truth and OBJECTIVITY in the marketplace, but that’s not really possible in our “marketing gets results” market.

    We all know that people game the system ALLLLLLLL the time, and so whereas you might feel it is a good measuring stick, making money only ends up being a measure for how much money you make- Period.

    Obviously, you can create results that have nothing to do with money, and you can also create money without helping anywhere.

    Your results may just have to do with your negotiating skill, which is of course NOT objective in any way.

  8. Bernice says:

    I am thinking that prosperity is a value for value exchange. Money is one exchange, but it is not the only exchange.

    One thing I think of is stay at home parents…they are not put in the marketplace and may not revive

  9. Bernice says:

    Receive money for staying at home.

  10. Jim Barber says:

    I agree with Bones and Bernice. If someone follows the philosophy of “money for value”, then indeed money IS a valid measurement of success. But Charles Ponzi, Al Capone, and some other individuals knew how to acquire lots of money without giving something for value. On the other hand, as Bernice indicated, some people give value without wanting money in return. (I’m not necessarily advocating this philosophy, only pointing out that some people follow it.)

    So money CAN be a good measure of giving-value-to-others, but only if you know the philosophy that the moneymaker subscribes to.

    In Randy’s case, of course, his financial prosperity IS a good indicator of the value that he’s giving to others…..
    – jim

  11. Ted Pawlikowski says:

    Randy – While I agree with you that in most cases the amount of money you have is a reflection of the value you are putting out into the Universe, it is not always so. Bernie Madoff was able to amass a huge fortune without adding any value at all. Kenneth Lay did so on a smaller scale. NOw you may say that bot of those individuals ultimately paid the rice for their ill – gotten gains, but that does not negate the fact that they were able to obtain them.

    I suppose this just goes to show that there are exceptions to every statement.

  12. Rebel Brown says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the status quo we’re taught about money is that having too much is a bad thing and makes you bad? I’m continually amazed at how much that teaching has impacted my life to this date.

    I was born an only child in a small mid-western town to older parents (42) who didn’t want me to be a brat only child. So my Mom taught me that I had more than my ‘fair share’ and that I always had to give back to the world so that god would be happy with me. we weren’t wealthy – at all. But we were comfortable – and since I was smart (photographic memory and all) she did what she thought was right to limit my ego.

    My small child turned that teaching into an adult lesson of big proportions. “Having too much money means I’m being greedy and not sharing with the rest of the world. I have to limit me to allow others to have more.”

    What a LIMITING belief. I spent 50 years living that belief. But no more. Now, thanks to the Law of Attraction and Prosperity teachings from Masters like you, Randy, I see how limiting and backwards that belief is.

    The reality is that abundance is limitless. As is money. Look at today vs 20 years ago to see that truth. look back 100 years and you’ll be blown away at the growth in wealth and abundance.

    It’s all about what we believe to be true. As my good friends Bob Burg and John David Mann says – Money is an echo of value. When we deliver value – and we BELIEVE we deliver value, money WILL follow.

    We simply need to get out of our own way, and challenge those old beliefs with updated training of our own, not the world at large.

    THX for another great post Randy!


  13. Monica says:

    My answer would have been different, actually. I LOVE money, but if you were to ask me why I know my life is so great, it is because I *feel* great. And indeed, my life is pretty awesome right now.

  14. Jonathan says:

    If we maintain what Wallace Wattles wrote in “The Science of Getting Rich” in that there is an infinite thinking substance that permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe and that this ‘stuff’ seeks to experience the infinite abundance through those it has created, it is our right to have abundance in all areas.

    With respect to giving value for value, Wattles says that in order to be rich, we must give a higher use value than the cash received. So I guess the question here is whether you’re doing as Wattles says, or if the value is equal. Obviously were those you speak in front of not receiving value, the room would be empty and you wouldn’t be traveling all over the world speaking.

    Abundance is a good measure of prosperity as are those who surround us. When people value Who we are, we are rich in Love. Having an abundance of money is a good thing in all ways as it provides the means to make a bigger contribution. The more we give, the more we get.

  15. Randy Gage says:

    Oh I believe you can game the system for a limited time, but never for the long term.


  16. Randy Gage says:

    But look at the end Ponzi and Capone received.


  17. Randy Gage says:

    I believe you can’t out give the universe.


  18. Carol Barrett says:

    This brings to mind a saying I read recently by Elvis Presley “Sharing money is what gives it its value.”

  19. Joe Calloway says:

    That’s the key – that you can’t “game” the system for long. The system finds you out – the system stops playing with you. It’s a small world and if you don’t deliver results the word gets out. And remember that we’re talking about the measuring stick for the marketplace. I can be “doing great” in endeavors outside of commerce and it has nothing to do with money. But in the marketplace where I work – money is the measuring stick for value delivered. For example – I couldn’t care less about standing ovations – never get them. What I want is someone to come up after my work and say “Do you have your calendar with you? – we want to hire you.” That’s how I know I’ve delivered value.

  20. Jim Story says:


    Money is very spiritual and a big part of prosperity. I think that prosperity means that all areas of your life are well. Several years ago I was making a lot of money selling real estate, but I felt something was missing. Now to everyone else I looked prosperous.

    I think of my life as a bicycle wheel. Each spoke represents a dimension of my prosperity. Health, wealth, love, relationships, spiritual, career, etc. If something is missing the wheel is out of sync.

    Previously I had been missing Spirituality in my life. Following the fall of the real estate business I have decided to study acting and comedy. This is something that I have put off for 40 years. It is never to late or to early.

    Thanks for always a great discussion,

  21. Mio says:

    It is a tragedy not to create any value though-and try but not succed in doing it.What the hell am I doing wrong…….?you ask yourself.
    I use to read this blog when I feel alone-it always give me some trust in life-thank you

  22. Money is a great way to keep score. There is the score that is in your bank account. There is also the score in the accounts of those Randy has impacted and continues to impact each month. I suspect that score is the true value of prosperity. There is enough for everyone… Al Capone is alive and well in Chicago, perhaps not in the flesh but the city he ran is still run the same way. He provided a certain kind of value.

    Unhappy with Maddof and Ponzi schemes? The Financial bailout of 2008 was only $2 Trillion and that money is now on the ledgers of the US taxpayer. The current trouble in Europe is $9 TRILLION and that is the government/taxpayers burden already.

    You do not want to know what the most spectacular PONZI scheme of all time is up to. DO your own research on what Social Security is expected to pay. At some point the score may be meaningless.

    Once upon a time a 100 acre field of wheat in 1914 produced over 34 bushels an acre when wheat was over $6.50 a bushel. Two men, working long hours over a six month production season made over $500,000 after expenses in today’s dollars with no income tax to worry about. Wallace Wattles promoted this realizable dream a hundred years ago. Two men would never do that again. Today the same 100 acre field may have double the yield, take hours instead of weeks to plant and harvest, but the money earned isn’t $1000 after expenses.

    Where are the ‘farms’ Wallace Wattles offered today. Check out an MLM. It is all that’s left and you have to provide value to have a score you can be proud of.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Stay at home parents’ monetary value could be measured, in part. If your spouse passed away, how much would it cost you to hire a stay home parent that would clean the house, do all the shopping, let you take their car when yours breaks down, cook the meals, do the laundry, wait for repairmen, pay the bills, keep the books, raise the kids, be on call 24/7/365 for say 21 years? It has been a privilege to have the ‘job’ of stay home parent and the children that we sent into the world are solid citizens who have good jobs and pay their taxes, do volunteer work, etc. This is not to say kids without stay home parents can’t be the equally productive, but working parents have to pay for a lot of that list… All monetary value cannot be banked but the value is there none the less.

  24. Rory Vaden says:

    Nice examples Ted. Yeah I guess schemers do acquire money for a time. But as you and Randy both noted they seem to only “game the system” for a while before they get nabbed.

    So barring intentional cheaters who will eventually get caught (hopefully) I guess money is probably a fair measuring stick of effectiveness at someone’s trade.

    Interesting that when applied to schemers money is only a valid measuring stick with a long term perspective. Most of us think of money as a measure of short term success – ie “I have money right now so I must be doing something right.”

    But really based on what is being said here by all money is more of an accurate barometer of success (at least in the professional trade sense of success) in the long term. As Randy noted people stop paying for smoke and mirrors in the long haul if they aren’t getting value.

    So Randy is doing well not just because he has money right now but because his money grows steadily and consistently as a sign of his consistent ability to produce results.

    What a great testimony to all who are interested with acquiring financial wealth that they should be focused on providing tangible results for the long term rather than just making the short term “get rich quick” sprint.

    And that dynamic is encouraging to the rest of us who are on the trajectory of providing great results and working at our trade but not yet experiencing quite the same level of financial rewards here in the short term as someone like Randy.

    Thought provoking and provocative conversation. Thanks guys.

    See you in the stairwell,
    – Rory

  25. Keith says:

    Randy, Thank you for being so open and up front on everything – but especially this blog as you are explaining the reality of life – do the best you can at what you do, provide value to those you work with and for and you will attain all the world has to give to you!

    Thank you it is a pleasure to read your posts!

  26. Jim Barber says:

    Good point, my friend. I concede!

  27. Tony Scarcia says:

    The fundamentals don’t change. Add value and it comes back to you.

  28. saachi says:


    I agree with you on “I believe you can’t out give the universe.’ To really think about it, letting this sink into my mind, I know I did experience having had some good things returned to me unexpectedly, when I gave money to friends who were financially in needs as well as to church. But, I really didn’t expect anything back when I decided to give money away…. but perhaps that’s something I really should work on to be in alignment with how things work in the spiritual realm and that I should expect.. coz it actually means it is a sign lacking faith, not following the instruction of God/the law of prosperity.

    [So if you do what I do, and you do it well—you make lots of money.]
    I’m sort of in the listening mode. This sounds very promising and very fantastic, and it sounds too good to be true. I like to believe I have faith/belief in the things of the spiritual realm, vsions (the vision and the fullfilment of the vision), prosperity, and good health/healing. However, I guess.. the bottom line is that I’ve never experienced what you had/have been experiencing – a high degree of the manifestation of the prosperity… not that extreme. To think about it, really, it sounds terrific! We’re all in the journeys of life, and seem to have different strengths in different areas of life. Perhaps, the area for me to work on is to really grasp this reality to my soul.

    Thank you, Randy, for the great post to keep us keeping on. You’re indeed inspirational. God bless you with the continued prosperity and good health, I pray. Love and hugs:: -saachi

  29. Great post Randy. I have said many times in the comments that we are made in image of God so why should we not be the best in what ever field we are planted. Look at what God has done and is doing in our world and ask yourself, should I not excel in what I do as well and prove that I am made in the image of God?

    Veterans, THANK YOU and have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!

  30. Brian Walter says:

    Randy: Money is a key measurement but it is not the only measurement. In many markets, yes, money would be the primary benchmark. But many systems (like government services, charity work, education, healthcare, etc.) have different metrics. Sure, money is INVOLVED but it is not the benchmark. Prosperity can be measured in many ways. I believe you have used discretionary TIME as a metric. For example, a speaker who is living the lifestyle they want is more prosperous than one who is making more but frantic running around providing all that value. Providing value without having the time margin to experience value is not prosperity in my book.

  31. Felix Lopera says:

    You just nailed it Randy. I once heard “Noone who is starving, believes in God”, so money and spirituality go hand and hand, don´t they?

  32. Jeff Boyle says:

    Money is a measuring stick (a tool) and most people subconsciously know that. That is why it scares the heck out of them. People feel that money proves they are worth little and accomplish almost nothing. Why do you think people run from the topic of money and are secretive, embarrassed and conflicted about the subject of money?

    I wrote a post about it on my site and explored it a bit more. I appreciate you getting me thinking today.

    Jeffery Boyle

  33. Randy Gage says:

    Good point. But government can still be measured by money, but in that case it’s how much they stole.


  34. douglas says:


    I agree money is a good measuring stick. People get hung up on money thinking that to much is bad. They say”money is the root of all evil” when in fact it’s the “LOVE of money is the root of all evil”

    So love what good things you can do for yourself and others with lots of money.

    Oh by the way Randy you would be even richer if you sold “books and CD’s” and not “books and albums” just saying 😉


  35. Randy Gage says:

    You’re forgetting I have DVDs! 🙂


  36. Bernice says:

    I am still thinking about this (value-for value, prosperity, the way that abundance works…) so I decided to do more reading (or re-reading)…just sharing what I found….

    In Catherine Ponder’s book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”, she says…”the word ‘rich’ means having an abundance of good or living a fuller, more satisfying life. Indeed, you are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, happiness and plenty in your world.”

    She also says that:
    * Poverty is a sin.
    * God wants you to be prosperous and God is the Source of your prosperity
    * your potential wealth, health & happiness are within you…waiting to be radiated to the world as healthy, wealthy, happy thoughts, feelings, expectations and decrees…which in turn attracts like results
    * You can not get something for nothing
    * there is nothing wrong with money or wanting money, it is a God-given medium of exchange

    So I am thinking abundance goes beyond the market place…

  37. Mark from Germany says:

    well, I don’t totally agree .. following the conversation in Randy’s text, he was being asked “how are things going ?” .. the answer CAN be “money” … cause it is a measure .. yet … over the years, speaking of MY life, I have come to answer such questions more by how I FEEL than what I earn .. I’m not saying money -or more money- does’nt make me feel better .. it does .. but it must be the right mix .. feeling good with yourself and what you do .. there was a time in my life, in which I earned 4 times what I make today, yet I don’t particularly remember it as the happiest time of my life .. I was burnt out in the topic I was representing .. exactly BECAUSE I lived by the concept: reminding myself that the amount of money I receive is the direct measure for what I was worth to the market .. and it kept me in it … in the process I had lost sight to what I was worth to MYSELF .. ….. ……. it took all the guts I had to just drop everything .. and re – difine … …. now fulfillment – or at least the potential for it – is the nr 1 barometer / measuring stick I use for projects .. when you love something, you do it to do it, and you don’t care if money comes or not .. it does’nt matter anymore .. interestingly enough, thats the realm in which most is possible ..

    – love you Randy, your work is an inspiration ..

    take care


  38. Mark from Germany says:

    .. eem, now don’t get me wrong, guys and girls … – I’m not saying “don’t care for money” .. – that interpretation might tend toward: “forget about money – consciousness”.. No. A mind in which money is of no importance, there most probably won’t be much of it around .. Money is very important in the ways that it can work – and for that option to be able to happen, money needs to be a of interest. My point is to widen awareness to the experience, that money may not be the spine everything is built around .. wealth begins from within .. and will always .. – thats the only essence you will truely take with you wherever you go .. – if you make stacks of bucks – great for you – yet it pays to check and reflect on the degree of inner wealth you are living in within the process .. then you truely “are” successful .. and time is the gift on top .. 😉

    take care ..

  39. Bernice says:

    I also don’t think it is a trade-off…you don’t need to trade health for wealth, or love for wealth, or happiness….I think prosperity includes all of these things.

    “you are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, happiness and plenty in your world.”

  40. Natalie says:


    DO you have a thing that rich people have zero integrity and are always out to cheat you, that to make money you have to game?

    I honestly believe that those who are prosperous got there through being trustworthy and acting out with responsibility and integrity: they promised services that they delivered and people began to trust their word because it delivered high quality value.

    Obviously they had other things like Deep belief in themselves and what they do, an amazingly powerful vision, strong relationship skills, and a clear system that delivers results.

    Yet you seem to have this hook that they cheat, or get around that somehow. I wonder how that affects your prosperity?

    Randy often shares in his work – that if you believe that rich people are slime balls, then each time you do well you’ll sabotage it, so that don’t become A Rich scum bag.

    I can honestly say that the more extremely wealthy folks I get to know (those that earn over £1m a year) the kinder they get, and they more integrity they have. They do what they say, they follow through, they are solid, genuine, remarkable beings. In fact more amazing than I imagined.

    I saw this confirmed on the Today show… The Script say “THE BIGGEST THE STAR THE NICER THEY ARE.” He goes on to say: “I don’t think you get that big by being a terrible person.”

  41. I think that you are right Randy. True wealth and success does begin within. And yes, when you have brough value to others and as a result helped them create abundance in their own lives, there will be rich rewards.

  42. Yes, I agree with what you say Randy. If one lives their life with the attitude of prosperity and abundance, and as a result other people have created abundce in their lives, there will be rich rewards for all.

  43. Bernice says:

    I agree 🙂

  44. Very true Randy! The greatest value we have is the one that we apply to ourselves. Sure, your client is reaping the benefit, but so are you. When we operate with pride and personal responsibility, we are more likely to succeed in all things — for us, and for others.

  45. Bernice says:

    more random thoughts….

    you don’t have to do it all to have prosperity…
    prosperity includes peace & quiet time… it is not about being busy all the time…

    and I think you have to know what your core beliefs are… and correct any beliefs that are not the best perceptions (that we could have gotten when we are kids)…or else you won’t achieve what you really want….

  46. Randy Gage says:

    That shocks me when you say you don’t get standing ovations, since you’re such a world class presenter. But I get that it’s the nature of your audiences and the kind of topics you address. Anyway I’m grateful to have a critical thinker like you weighing in here.


  47. Randy Gage says:

    No Bones doesn’t always think this — but it is his default position! 🙂


  48. Bob says:

    This is perfect. Direct and to the point….and right on. Awesome.


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