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Making a Habit of Success

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

When I attempt new things, I make it a habit to be successful.  That would make for a great tweet.  But the deeper truth is, I become successful at many things because I create the necessary habits to do so.

You don’t practice self-discipline for success, because there really isn’t any self-discipline for that.  If we break down what you really do to become successful, it is you employ your self-discipline into creating daily habits.  (Exercise, eat healthy, meditation or self-development time, learning, etc.)  You don’t create your future with self-discipline.  You create your daily habits with self-discipline and those daily habits are what makes you successful.

Therefore, the purpose of self-discipline is to build positive, productive habits.  Victors do daily what victims do only occasionally.

–  RG

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4 thoughts on “Making a Habit of Success

  1. Jorge Melendez says:

    No doubt!

  2. Eric C Smith says:

    interesting nuance. btw your post are the perfect size for me to screenshot on my phone and review. if that’s by design…thanks

  3. Nakul Grover says:

    Best and concise content. I’d rather love reading a brief post that shares clear-cut tips rather than confusing myself around big posts. Looking forward to read more of your posts, Randy. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. 🙂 🙂

  4. Veralyn Upton says:

    Thank you for such short and awesome blogs. Enjoy reading them and changing my life to become more prosperous.


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