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Lose the Clutter!

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

If you come to my home, you won’t find walls crowded with artwork.  You’ll see beautiful paintings and photos with lots of breathing room around them.  The tables and counters aren’t cluttered with tchotchkes and trinkets.  You’ll find a lot of clean lines and open space. Why?

Because living in harmony creates harmonious thinking…

To keep my thinking clear and creative, I need to be in a pleasant environment.  When as my desk starts getting cluttered, my productivity goes down.  As soon as I notice the encroachment, I stop whatever project I’m in the middle of – do an organizing and cleaning, and only then proceed.

A huge part of success comes from the mindset you operate with.  And your mindset is dramatically influenced by your environment and surroundings.

So have you given much thought to the clutter in your life?

What does your desk and working space look like?  Is your home “busy” or clean?  Are you in a harmonious environment that promotes clear thinking and creativity?

What’s your schedule like?  The clutter that comes from not knowing how to use your time can create deep drops in productivity.

And what about the people in your life?

Oftentimes the most important de-cluttering you can do is to remove certain people from your life.

You have people who doubt you, ridicule you or tell you why you can’t succeed.  Some are even well-meaning ones.  You have others that waste your time or are always talking about negative things.  And what about the ones who come around with jumper cables, looking to suck all the energy from your body?

Some of those people, you simply need to eliminate from your life!  Others that isn’t possible, but you can limit your time with them.  And counter program with positive influences.

So if you want to have an amazing day, week month or even life – lose some of the clutter.

How you doing on that?


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5 thoughts on “Lose the Clutter!

  1. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    Randy, as always, your insight is so on target. Clutter of both the emotional and physical kind keeps me bogged down and dysfunctional! It gives me too many excuses not to move forward with desired goals or the peace and quiet I need to deal with myself and my own reflection. It can be scary to have time to oneself, LOL, but oh so needed! Thank you for all you do. xoxo

  2. I bet Einstein wouldn’t agree but I’m with you on this one!

  3. How am I doing on that? I am thinking of strangling all 3 of my children and half of my relatives. I assume I can expect you to post bond?

  4. Randy – your little anecdotal stories here once a week are nice but really don’t have much substance. For example, eliminating negative habits and people from your life. It is more complicated than that.

    First, humans love to complain to each other. It helps us feel less alone. Think about what happens when a family member or friend is going through a tough time; they call up someone who will listen to their tale of woe. Unfortunately, negative bonding is the default for many groups. People raised in negative environments learn early on, being positive gets you thrown out of the club. When family dinner is a complaint fest, you’re not going to risk alienation saying, “Wow, I had an awesome day, don’t you just love life?” Translate this into a work setting, people, often unconsciously, believe being positive keeps you out of the cool club. When negativity provides bonding, humans are reluctant to abandon the behavior that brings them comfort.

    Second,someone with an external locus of control believes events happen outside them, and they have little control. Those with an internal locus of control believe they have the power to influence events. When you apply an external vs. internal locus of control mindset to being positive in the face of a negative situation, you reach two entirely different conclusions. Someone with an external locus of control will likely believe smiling and positively engaging negative customers is futile; it’s hard work with no reward because the environment will stay negative. Someone with an internal locus of control will see it as an opportunity to change the environment. They’re more likely to believe that improving their attitude will affect the response they get from customers, which will, in turn, improve their own work conditions.

    If you want to create a more positive environment, at work or home, take a hard look at the underlying beliefs. Can you bond with compliments as easily as you do with complaints? Do you have the power to influence others, or are you merely at the mercy of their moods?

    Logic tells us being positive makes all the sense in the world. Yet, as we all know, when it comes to humans, logic Is rarely humans’ first choice. If humans used logic over emotion to make decisions, there would be no such thing as religion, reality TV, politics the way it is today, or television commercials designed to scare people into purchasing a product.


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