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Living with Gratitude…

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 28, 2020

Don’t know if you saw the story, but there was a woman who had missed the Air France flight that crashed in the ocean killing all on board, only to die in a car crash a week later.  I didn’t click through and read the story for prosperity reasons, but it’s a safe bet that it probably dripped with the irony of her death so short after escaping it in the plane crash.  Certainly, that's a tragedy, as with anyone whose life is cut short.  But there is another side, one we don’t ever focus on enough…

How she lived those extra seven days and what they meant to her. 

It’s another safe bet that she relished them.  She probably rethought her priorities, lived those days with extra gratitude, and probably did some meaningful things she may have been procrastinating on.  Perhaps she told some people how much she loved them, gave some extra hugs, and performed some random acts of kindness.  And if that is the case, we can celebrate that extra week she had.

You and I are both here now, having this (admittedly one-sided) conversation.  But either of us could be gone in an instant.  If your life was spared yesterday because you missed a connection and didn’t take a plane that crashed – how would you be living this moment, this day and this week?

There’s still time…

Peace, - RG

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  • 5 comments on “Living with Gratitude…”

    1. Randy, I loved this post. Recently in my newsletter, "Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm™" I asked people to take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. On one side I asked them to list all the blessings they had that money can't buy and on the other side list all the people they love. This is a wonderful, easy, practical form of gratitude. I had so many positive comments I thought I would share it with your readers. BTW, I am grateful for YOU! Blessings, Barbara

    2. To be honest, I was an alter boy listening to the priest, but on that alter they were trying to help people, but for me the expecpted life changed,
      I can press your red button to change the world, I can assist, but you must rememder changes do not come quickly. and most of your lifes work will not be seen in your life time
      If that is good for you I am ready... LOVE G

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