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Living Up to Expectations

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

It’s amazing how much time, energy and mental bandwidth we expend on living up to expectations.  Our own, as well as others.

The greatest damage this does is to steal our attention from – and our gratitude for – what we have actually accomplished and the moment we are failing to experience.  This is stealing the most important part of your daily existence.  The reason to live is to experience the moments in your life, not meet expectations.

Certainly goals are helpful and we all create expectations for ourselves.  And I’ll admit to being harder on myself than anyone else ever has been.  But I want my goals and expectations to be a positive influence on my life, not a negative one.  So here’s my approach.  Hopefully it adds value to you.

The most important thing is not, did you meet your goal or expectation?  The better measure is – did your actions take you closer to your dream?  If you do this each day, you’re on a wonderful path.


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One thought on “Living Up to Expectations

  1. I’m wiser than I was before reading this blogpost, thanks Randy!


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