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Living in Harmony and Inner Peace

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By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Money can make your life a whole lot easier.  Material things also enhance your life in many ways.  Money and material things allow you self-expression, which can make you happier.  However, the greatest aspect of prosperity you will ever experience is inner peace.  Living in harmony with the people and surroundings in your world. 

People travel the world seeking this peace and harmony.  They take courses and search for spiritual masters.   But here’s the part they miss…

You can travel to a mountaintop in Tibet or an ashram in India.  But the only Zen you’ll find there, is the Zen you brought with you.

You can’t be treated for peace and harmony. You have to be open to receiving it.  And you have to decide you’re worthy of it, and then create it for yourself.

How you doing on that?


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2 thoughts on “Living in Harmony and Inner Peace

  1. thechalkywhite says:

    Whilst I agree with your assessment that you “can’t be treated…”, there are people who don’t open up until they have been to a “mountaintop” or some other form of “retreat” that gives them the mindset that they were not open to by sitting in an office in Cheshire (or wherever) looking at a computer and reading wisdom.

    It has taken me some years to understand that sometimes others need some form of external influence before they become “open to receiving it.” Perhaps fortunately I didn’t have to go to a mountain top (although I do love mountaintops), but appreciate why there is such a demand to be “fixed”.

    Your words empower those who take responsibility for the “fixing”, but not everyone is ready to be open and their self worth only allows others to “fix”. Given time and education, they might eventually become people who show others how to fix themselves.

    Perhaps you have been there Randy? I know I was.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes I actually conduct my Mastermind Retreats in exotic places like Fiji and Tahiti, just to get people out of their normal routines. Sometimes that acts as a catalyst – if they are open to it. -RG


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