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Life is Short

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Life is short.  So you can choose two different approaches to deal with this…

Approach number one is attempting to maximize your activity in the time window provided.  Pushing the “close door” button as soon as you enter the elevator.  (Which obviously arrived much quicker because you pushed the call button feverishly an extra five times.)  You can look at your watch impatiently, so the TSA agent will know you have a flight to catch.  Finish people’s sentences for them.  Have your hand poised over the horn, so you can hit it in the event the driver in front of you doesn’t begin to move the exact second the streetlight turns green.  Bring your cell phone to the dinner table, so you can see instantly who might have disagreed with the angry political screed you posted on Facebook.

Or, you can do approach number two…

When that opening riff from Slash on Sweet Child ‘O Mine comes through your car stereo, you crank up the volume and experience the magnificent genius it truly is.  You can drink in a sunrise. Tell people you love them. Turn off your phone and have a conversation with someone you care about.  Stop and literally smell the flowers.

Which approach do you think will give you the most prosperous life?


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2 thoughts on “Life is Short

  1. Yasir Talodi says:

    Some times it gets a little challenging now a days to balance responding to social media vs real life response, especially when the people to interact with in real life are also interactive on social media. People get distracted by online posts. I have to think twice before posting something in order not to offend somebody when I see them in real life. Social media is stressful. Approach number 2 is a lot better unless if social media is employed to serving people and bridging gaps of differences rather than offending them.

  2. david says:

    I love dining out at restaurants and nothing annoys me more than these idiots staring at their phones thru the meal, but everyone younger than 40 does it now, so what’s the point of getting mad about it.. but these idiots don’t know what they’re missing, the art of conversation, discussing the finer points of the meal, life, etc, instead of the drivel on their phone.. I may be an old fart at 59 next week, going to see the Stones in Seattle for my b-day.. but I got no problem telling my dining companion, look, either you put that fucking phone away or I’m walking…


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